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Get Disturbed

Talk #12 of the Series, Philosophia Ultima

I was brought up in a moral and religious Hindu family, hence I am very much disturbed by your sannyasins' behavior.
Can't you give them some kind of moral discipline?

"It is your problem, not their problem! You are suffering from a moral discipline, you want my sannyasins also to suffer. You are disturbed so you have to be cured. They are not disturbed!

"But it always happens that you can see your own projections upon others' screens, but you can't see that they are your projections. Your religious and moral upbringing has been utterly wrong. If it had been true, nothing would disturb you, nothing at all; you would remain calm and quiet, centered, grounded.

"It is none of your business what others are doing! They are not doing it to you, they are not interfering with you – who are you to decide how they should behave? Is it not a very undemocratic attitude? You want them to behave according to your mind, but why should they behave according to you? Who are you? You are free to do your thing, they are free to do their own thing."
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Osho continues:
"They are not disturbed by your moral and religious upbringing. They are not asking me, 'Osho, give this Pratap Chandra Joshi some discipline so he behaves like we behave.'

"The very desire that others should behave according to your ideology, according to your conceptions, according to your conclusions, is despotic – it is fascist. You are neither moral nor religious, you are simply a fascist!

"And remember, morality has nothing to do with religion. Religion, of course, has much to do with morality, but not vice versa. Morality is a poor substitute for true religion; it is a plastic substitute for the real thing. It gives you a facade but not a new being. It does not change your center, your consciousness; it only paints your face. It is a mask. You can hide behind it and you can hide all kinds of repressed desires, longings, ambitions behind it. And whenever you see others behaving naturally, which your morality does not allow you, you will feel disturbed. The disturbance is coming from you, not from them.

"The puritan people of Teeling

"express all their horror with feeling.

"When they see that a chair

"has all its legs bare

"they look away straight to the ceiling.

"Now, do you think chairs should be given some moral discipline, that their legs should be covered? They used to be covered in Victoria's days. In England it was very improper to leave your chairs' legs uncovered! But it simply shows a decadent society, a basically irreligious society.

"(Osho removes a greeting card from his clipboard. On the card is drawn the cartoon figure of a woman with two holes punched through the card where her breasts should be. Osho places two of his fingertips through the holes, thus giving the visual impression that her bare breasts are showing. He then places the card up in front of him so everyone can see. The hall explodes in laughter.)

"Pratap Chandra Joshi, wake up and look at this picture…What can you see? Get disturbed! And it is nothing…just two holes! But you must have got disturbed, very much disturbed – and it was nothing but my two fingers! Don't be so foolish!

"People go on seeing things…just now you have seen 'things' which are not there!"
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

need… miss… disappear… greed… conscious… upbringing… workaholics… real… apollo… lollobrigida

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