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The Fallacy of Knowledge

Talk #9 of the Series, The Psychology of the Esoteric

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"Teaching a doctrine is rather meaningless. I am not a philosopher; my mind is anti-philosophical because philosophy has led nowhere and cannot lead. The mind which thinks and the mind which questions cannot know.

"There are so many doctrines, and infinite possibilities for many more. But a doctrine is a fiction – a human fiction; not a discovery but an invention. The human mind is capable of creating so many systems and doctrines, but to know the truth through theories is an impossibility. And a mind stuffed with knowledge is a mind which is bound to remain ignorant.

"Knowledge comes the moment knowledge ceases. The known must cease for the unknown to be. And the truth and the real is unknown. There are two possibilities: either you think about it, or we go into it existentially."
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Osho continues:
"Thinking is something around and around, about and about, but never the reality. One can go on thinking for ages. The more you think, the farther away you go. That which is, is here and now. And to think about it is to lose contact with it.

"So what I am teaching – I am teaching an anti-doctrinaire, anti-philosophical, anti-speculative experience. How to be, just to be. How to be in the moment that is here and now. Open, vulnerable, one with it. That's what I call meditation."

Do you think it is possible to link knowledge, speculative knowledge, theory, or doctrine with experience? Is it possible to try both and not only one?

"It is not possible to try both because they are diametrically opposite dimensions. You cannot try both."

Is it not possible to subordinate knowledge? To consider it as subordinate to experience, but not to exclude it as a possibility of the human mind?

"It is a possibility, it is a possibility of the human mind, but a possibility which leads into fiction."

If it is dominating…

"If it is at all! It leads into fiction. It leads the mind into projecting things. It is a dream faculty, a faculty of the imagination. So both are not possible. But once you have known the real then you can use knowledge as a vehicle to express it – but not as a means of achieving it. Knowledge cannot be a vehicle toward the truth, but when the truth has been known it can be a vehicle. It can be a vehicle as a communicative medium.

"Once you want to communicate, to share something with someone who has not known it, only then your knowledge, your words, your language, your doctrines and theories can become a means. But still not adequate. It is still a faltering means, a means which is bound to falsify – because something that has been known existentially cannot be expressed totally. You can just indicate, you can symbolize it. But the symbol goes – the symbol is communicated and the meaning is left behind. What I have known, the moment I express it, the word goes to you but the meaning is left behind – a word which is dead, in a way meaningless, only apparently meaningful, because the meaning was the experience."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

aware… consciousness… known… disturbed… doctrine… process… shattered… truth… doctrines… discontinuous

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