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This I Call the "Razor's Edge"

Talk #27 of the Series, The Razor's Edge

"Everything is false in you. The false and the true cannot have a mixed existence. There is no compromise possible; either you are true or you are false.

"Your whole personality is false because it has been given to you; it is not a growth. It is like plastic flowers – you have put them on a rosebush. They are not part of the bush and they don't get any nourishment from the bush, although they can deceive people.

"One thing is strange, that the false is more permanent than the real. The real is almost like a river, a continuous change. Springs come and go, nothing remains the same. But the false, plastic flower is permanent; whether spring comes or goes does not matter to it. It is not alive, it is dead."
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Osho continues:
"Because of this strangeness humanity has depended more on the false, because the false is more reliable – tomorrow also it will be the same.

"The real is unpredictable.

"One thing can be certainly said about it, that tomorrow it will not be the same. It must have changed, because everything living goes on changing.

"You are asking me, 'What is the false in me?' Your question implies that there is something real too. As far as you are concerned, everything is false; and when the false disappears, you will also disappear. The real has no ego, no feeling of I-ness. The real is pure is-ness. It is there, in its all-glory, in its all-golden glamour, in its all-eternal beauty. But it is so vast that you cannot say, 'It is me.' It is God, it is the existence, it is reality itself.

"You are the symbol of the false. Just look at your personality – it has all come out of nurture, training, discipline, education.

"You have not been allowed to be natural for the simple reason that nature cannot be relied upon. There is no guarantee about nature, there is no security, no safety. Hence every society before the child even comes to know who he is, starts forcing a false mask over his original face, giving him a name, giving him qualities…. And the child is so helpless and so dependent on you that it is almost impossible for the child to rebel. He simply becomes imitation; he starts learning whatever you want him to learn.

"You give him a false name, you give him a false identity, you give him a false pride. You teach him to be obedient; you teach him to be good, whatever is your definition of good; you teach him to be religious, whatever religion you belong to – you make him a Christian, a Hindu, a Mohammedan. And the poor child goes on being covered by layers of falsities.

"Have you ever thought if your being a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu is your choice? Has it been your discovery? Have you ever looked at why you are a Christian? Just because of the accident that you were born to two persons who were Christians."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

real… religiousness… unknowable… blissfulness… disappearance… quality… hotei

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