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Each Human Being Is a Longing of Existence

Talk #20 of the Series, The Razor's Edge

"Seven years or seventy years, it makes no difference. Whenever you realize, from that very point your authentic life begins. Before that you were asleep.

"And always remember, every individual has his own pace. A few run fast, a few go slowly – in fact going slowly has its own quality. The slower you go, the more established you become, the more centered you become. The person who goes very fast never comes to such crystallization as the person who goes slowly.

"You are saying, 'The more I am here with you, the more I am confused, excited and amazed that you exist. I have been a sannyasin for seven years and realize now that I took you for granted. 'Beloved Osho, how is it possible that it took me seven years to start slowly, slowly seeing you?'

"Seven years is not a long time as far as seeing clearly without any prejudice, without any conditioning, is concerned."
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Osho continues:
"It is a small period in the long journey of thousands of lives behind you. You may have come across many living masters in your past lives and you did not realize.

"It has to be remembered that thousands of people came to Gautam Buddha, but only a few remained with him. The others could not see that a great phenomenon was present just before their eyes. They remained concerned with their own minds, with their own chattering thoughts – and there is so much rubbish in the mind that covers your eyes.

"Seven years are not long. You should not feel confused; you should feel rejoiced. Now begins your real sannyas. Seven years before you had taken sannyas perhaps just out of curiosity. There was no trust, no love, but only a curiosity to know what it is all about. Now you are feeling my presence, now your heartbeats are in harmony with my heartbeats. This is the beginning of a new and a real sannyas.

"It is certainly amazing that out of millions of people who are all capable of becoming self-realized, it happens rarely, to very few people. It is as if you are sowing seeds, thousands of seeds, and only one seed becomes a sprout, comes to foliage, brings flowers and fragrance.

"What happened to the thousands of other seeds? They never gathered courage to disappear in the soil. They remained protective of themselves. The protection became their death. The one who dared to die in the earth began a new life, started rising upwards against gravitation, started transforming the earth into green foliage, into the beautiful colors of the flowers, into great fragrance.

"But the first step was the most difficult – to drop your defenses. A seed is a defense measure. Inside is the potential, and the seed is defending it. It is good, as long as it has not found the right soil. That's why I continuously emphasize the fact that as the context changes, what was good becomes bad, what was bad becomes good.

"A seed needs total protection, because it is carrying a womb, a child within itself. But only to the point when it comes to meet with the soil."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

seed… missing… joyous… rejoicing… gurdjieff… mahakashyap… ouspensky

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