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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Razor's Edge, # 12, (mp3) - sleeping, priesthood, ikkyu


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God Is Also Seeking You

Talk #12 of the Series, The Razor's Edge

"It is absolutely true that just as you are seeking God or truth or the beloved, he is also seeking you. The search is never one-sided. And any search that is one-sided is never going to be fulfilled. But your question is, 'Can I wait for him to find me?' – then he will also wait to search for you.

"Search has to be from both sides; otherwise both sides will be waiting. Existence has a balance about everything. Your waiting is not enough; your longing, your search is categorically needed.

"One of the Sufis' sayings is: if you take one step towards God, he takes one thousand steps towards you. But at least one step on your side is absolutely necessary. And your one step is far more important than the one thousand steps of God, because by 'God' is not meant any person; by God is meant the intelligence of this whole universe, the consciousness of the whole universe."
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Osho continues:
"You have a very small proportion of consciousness. Your one step is far bigger than the one thousand steps of God, because existence has infinite intelligence. So waiting alone won't do. Just waiting is a state which is not alive; there has to be tremendous longing, a thirst from every pore of your being. Unless God becomes a question of your life and death, the meeting is not possible.

"Almost everybody will be prepared to wait – that means on your laundry list, God is the last item, when you have done everything of the world. And that is not possible, even in eternity; something or other will be left undone. God has to be your first priority. It has to become a kind of haunting in your heart. Breathing in, breathing out, there has to be a remembrance: whatever you are doing is nonessential, and the essential part is to go deep down in meditation.

"Never think of God as someone outside you. That is a wrong beginning – because where will you search for him? The outside is so vast; you don't have the address or the phone number. In the infinity of existence, in which direction will you search for him? How will you find that you are on the right path? Millions of paths…how are you going to choose? What will be the criterion?

"Because of this misconception that God is outside, religions became organized around priesthood, around a holy book, around certain dogmas – because that at least gives you some feel for where you have to search: you have to go to the church, you have to do a certain prayer, you have to go to the synagogue, you have to find your path in the holy scriptures. The idea of God outside has led the whole of humanity into tremendous confusion.

"He is within you. Better will be if I say: He is your within, your very interiority, your very center of being. You are on the periphery of your individuality. Move inwards.

"First you will meet the thoughts. Don't get involved in them, just ignore…. Buddha has used the word upeksha, ignoring, as a certain guaranteed method; otherwise you are going to get caught in the net of thoughts."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sleeping… priesthood… moods… misconception… ikkyu… jabbar

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