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The Rebel Is Utterly Innocent

Talk #4 of the Series, The Rebel

"The qualities of a rebel are multidimensional. The first thing: the rebel does not believe in anything except his own experience. His truth is his only truth; no prophet, no messiah, no savior, no holy scripture, no ancient tradition can give him his truth. They can talk about truth, they can make much ado about truth, but to know about truth is not to know truth. The word about means around – to know about truth means to go around and around it. But by going around and around you never reach to the center.

"The rebel has no belief system – theist or atheist, Hindu or Christian; he is an inquirer, a seeker. But a very subtle thing has to be understood: that is, he is not an egoist."
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Osho continues:
"The egoist also does not want to belong to any church, to any ideology, to any belief system, but his reason for not belonging is totally different from the rebel. He does not want to belong because he thinks too much of himself. He is too much of an egoist; he can only stand alone.

"The rebel is not an egoist, he is utterly innocent. His nonbelieving is not an arrogant attitude but a humble approach. He is simply saying, 'Unless I find my own truth, all borrowed truths are only burdening me, they are not going to unburden me. I can become knowledgeable, but I will not be knowing anything with my own being. I will not be an eyewitness of any experience.'

"He does not belong to any church, any organization, because he wants not to be an imitator. He wants to remain pure and unpolluted so that he can search without any prejudice, so that he can remain open without any preconceived idea. But his whole approach is that of a humble man.

"Just today, one of the sannyasins, Dr. Indivar, has asked a question. He is very much disturbed because when I come and go, morning and evening, folding my hands and bowing down to the godliness within you all…his disturbance is created by those few sannyasins, who in deep love and trust, bow down – put their heads on the floor.

"He is asking me, 'Is it right that people should bow down before another man?' And his disturbance goes on increasing, because more and more people are bowing down. As far as I am concerned, it is everybody's freedom; nobody has asked anybody to bow down. And in his idea lives the old man – you can bow down to a god, but not to a man. That is the background implication.

"It seems people listen to me, yet only words reach them – the meanings are lost somewhere in between. You can bow down to a tree, to a mountain, to a sunset, to a sunrise, to a full moon, to a starry night; your bowing down is nothing but an expression of your gratitude. It has no connection with any God."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

rebel… innocence… believe… inconceivable… independence… seeing… wavering… krishnamurti… bonaparte… aesop

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