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Let Everything Pass

Talk #30 of the Series, The Rebellious Spirit

"I have been commenting my whole life on love, in thousands of different ways. But the message is the same. Just one most fundamental thing has to be remembered, that is: it is not the love that you think is love. Neither Socrates is speaking about it, nor I am speaking about it.

"The love you know is nothing but a biological urge, it depends on your chemistry and your hormones. It can be changed very easily, by a small change in your chemistry – and the love that you thought is the ultimate truth will simply disappear.

"You have been calling lust, love. This distinction should be remembered. Socrates says, 'a man who practices the mysteries of love….' Lust has no mysteries, it is a plain biological game. Every animal, every bird, every tree knows about it."
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Osho continues:
"Certainly, the love which has mysteries is going to be totally different from the love with which you are ordinarily acquainted. 'A man who practices the mysteries of love will be in contact not with the reflection, but with truth itself.'

"This love that can become a contact with truth itself arises only out of your consciousness; not out of your body, but out of your innermost being.

"Lust arises out of your body. Love arises out of your consciousness. But people don't know their consciousness, and the misunderstanding goes on and on – their bodily lust is taken for love.

"Very few people in the world have known love. Those are the people who have become so silent, so peaceful…and out of that silence and peace they come in contact with their innermost being, their soul. Once you are in contact with your soul, your love becomes not a relationship, but simply a shadow to you. Wherever you move, with whomsoever you move, you are loving.

"Right now, what you call love is addressed to someone, and confined to someone; and love is not a phenomenon that can be confined. You can have it in your open hands, but you cannot have it in your fist. The moment your hands are closed – they are empty. The moment they are open – the whole of existence is available to you.

"Socrates is right: one who knows love also knows truth, because they are only two names of one experience. And if you have not known the truth, remember that you have not known love either. 'To know this blessing of human nature, one can find no better helper than love.'

"There is only one thing I would like to say about Socrates: his whole approach was logical and argumentative. His method is known as Socratic dialogue. It is a very lengthy process, like psychoanalysis. He will discuss and discuss, and destroy all your false arguments and false ideas. This was his contention, which has a truth in it: When all false ideas are demolished, that which remains behind and cannot be argued about, is your being. And from that being arises the fragrance of love."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love… future… existence… dust… space… method… pseudo… socrates… prasenjita

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