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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Rebellious Spirit, # 26, (mp3) - rejoice, reflections, ananda


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The Longing to Be Yourself

Talk #26 of the Series, The Rebellious Spirit

"Love that comes and goes is only a reflection of the real love. A full moon reflected in the lake looks exactly like the moon, but the reflection can be disturbed very easily by a small wind. It shatters into thousands of pieces of silver all over the lake, and as the lake settles back, it again appears as the moon.

"But the real moon in the sky is not disturbed by winds, by seasons, by anything. It is even there in the day, although you cannot see it because the sunlight is too bright.

"Love is in the exact same situation. Real love is just to be love; it is not a relationship, it is your state of being. It has nothing to do with anybody, you are simply full of love."
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Osho continues:
"Many can share it; those who are thirsty can quench their thirst.

"This state of being love is the ultimate peak of consciousness, called the awakened state or the enlightened state, the state of a Gautam Buddha. He does not love – he is love. He is doing nothing on his part – just his presence radiates love. This love is not addressed to anyone in particular, just as the sun rays are not addressed to any particular flower, any particular tree. It reaches all those who are available to receive it.

"Love as a state of being is only an availability. You can take as much as you can contain; it is abundant, overflowing. A man in this state, even if he is sitting alone, goes on radiating love. This love is reflected in many kinds of love, but those are only reflections.

"'The love between man and woman – active, sensual, and playful; the love between master and disciple – passive, cool and silent'; the love between friends: it can have many manifestations, but they are always changing. They have to change, because they are only reflections, shadows, and in their wake they bring much misery.

"When the moon is reflected in the lake, there is joy, there is beauty; and when it is shattered by the wind, or just by a small pebble thrown into the lake, it is all gone – shattered. And you know in your experience that your love relationships with friends, with husbands, with wives, with masters, are all very fragile. Any small thing and the whole love disappears. Not only does it disappear, it changes into its opposite. Friends become enemies; husband and wife need not become enemies because they are already enemies; disciples betray their masters. There are always Judases who can sell their masters.

"We are acquainted with all these loves; they are all conditional. Even the love of parents for their children is conditional: if you obey them, if you are not a rebel, if you are going to become what they want you to become, you will be loved; but if you go on your own way – parents even abandon their children, disinherit their children."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

rejoice… reflections… dissolve… existence… opinions… playful… clear… receptivity… ananda

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