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Speak to Us of Love

Talk #6 of the Series, Reflections on Khalil Gibran's The Prophet

"The people who have realized the meaning of life have only spoken to those who can understand love, because love is the meaning of life. Very few people have realized that love is your very flame. It is not food that keeps you alive, it is love – which keeps you not only alive, but gives you a life of beauty, truth, silence, and millions of other priceless things.

"The world can be divided in two parts: the world where everything has a price and the world where price is meaningless. Where prices are no longer relevant, values arise. Prices are for things, for dead things.

"Life does not recognize that which is dead. But man goes on missing such a simple truth. He even tries to purchase love; otherwise there would not have been prostitutes."
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Osho continues:
"And it is not only a question of prostitutes. What are your marriages? – a permanent institution of prostitution.

"Remember, unless you enter into the world of values where no money, no power, no respectability is of any help, you cannot enter into authentic life. And the flavor of that life is love.

"Because man is so much accustomed to purchasing everything, he forgets that the very effort to purchase something that cannot be purchased is a murder. A husband demands love from his wife because he has purchased her, and the same is true about the wife. But they are unaware that they are assassinating each other. They do not know the moment price enters into love, love dies.

"Love is very delicate, very sacred. In all of our relationships we are trying to reduce the other person to a thing. A 'wife' is a thing. If you have any intelligence, let her remain just a woman. A 'husband' is no longer alive. Allow him to remain in freedom because only in freedom can love flower.

"But man, in his utter stupidity, has destroyed everything that is valuable. You even try to purchase God. How deep is your blindness? People who can afford it – remember the word afford – have temples in their houses. Statues can be purchased, but whatever you do with those statues is sheer nonsense; a purchased statue can never become a living god. And not only do they purchase the statue, they also purchase a priest to do the worship.

"I have seen priests running from one house to another house because they have to worship in at least ten or twelve temples; only then can they feed themselves. And the people who are purchasing even prayer, worship, think they are doing great virtuous acts. These are the sinners!

"Your life will not have any flowers if it does not have something which is priceless. Do you have something in your life which is priceless?

"People are selling even their lives. What are your soldiers? – and their number must be millions all around the earth. They have sold themselves. Their only function is to kill and be killed."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

freedom… believe… clinging… quest… sacred… known… naked… observed… stillness… stalin

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