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Talk #4 of the Series, Returning to the Source

"The greatest art is to attain a balance, a balance between all opposites, a balance between all polarities. Imbalance is the disease and balance is health. Imbalance is neurosis, and balance is well-being.

"I have heard: Mulla Nasruddin went to his psychiatrist. He rambled upon his miseries, troubles, and finally he concluded, 'I am afraid. It seems that I am getting neurotic.'

"The psychiatrist smiled and said, 'Nasruddin, if that is true, then you must be happy and grateful that you are neurotic.'

"Nasruddin was shocked. He said, 'What? Happy that I am neurotic? Why?'

"Said the psychiatrist, 'Because that is the only normal thing about you.'

"Neurosis is the only normal thing, not only about Nasruddin but about everybody else also. Mind has to be neurotic. Neurosis is not a disease; neurosis is mind itself, so neurosis cannot be cured."
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Osho continues:
"With mind remaining there, neurosis is bound to follow it like a shadow. Hence all psychiatry fails. At the most it can make you normal, but to be normal is nothing but to be normally neurotic – neurotic like everybody else, not in your own way; just following the highway, not an individual path. People who are in madhouses have private neuroses, you have a mass neurosis. That's why you cannot be detected – you are just like everybody else. And people are in the madhouses who have tried to attain their own style of neurosis. They are individualists. That's the only difference. And this has to be so, because mind itself, the very functioning of the mind, is neurotic. Try to understand this.

"Mind is never in the middle – cannot be. When you are in the middle, the mind simply disappears. Mind is always at the extreme – either this or that. That's why mind divides the world into white and black, into life and death, into hate and love, into friend and foe. The world is neither white nor black; the world is some sort of grey. One pole is white, another pole is black. Just in the middle, where black and white merge and meet and become one, is the reality. But mind sees in polarities. It says: Either this is true or this is untrue.

"I have not come across a truth which has not got some lie in it. Neither have I come across a lie which is not true in a certain sense. Lies have fragments of truth in them, that's why they work; otherwise, how can a lie work? Why are people such liars? A lie has a fragment of truth in it. You cannot invent an absolute lie, impossible. And you cannot talk about the absolute truth – that too is impossible. That's why a Lao Tzu goes on saying: If you speak, you have already entered into the world of lies. The truth cannot be said. The moment you say it, a fragment of it is bound to be a lie.

"Existence is not divided into either-or. It has no duality; it is one energy flowing from this end to that."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

aware… neurotic… sound… miser… deeply… enjoy… attained… conclusion… existential… confucius

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