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The Search Creates the Seeker

Talk #10 of the Series, The Revolution

The revolution feels to be hot, heady and sharp. Whereas love feels to be soft, smooth and delicate. How do love and revolution go together?

"Just as man and woman go together. Just as the head and the heart go together in you, just as the body and the soul go together in you. The heart cannot exist without the head and the head cannot exist without the heart. They are the positive and the negative, yin and yang. Life consists of polar opposites – and whenever you choose one against the other you will only be half, you will never be total.

"The totality has to be courageous. And the greatest courage is to accept the polar opposites, because those polar opposites are illogical – it should not be so, but it is so."
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Osho continues:
"The roots move downwards in the earth and the tree moves upwards. And the upward movement of the tree depends on the downward movement of the roots. It should not be so, it is so illogical.

"Friedrich Nietzsche said that if you want to go to heaven you will have to send your roots to hell. And he is right. Without touching hell you will not be able to touch heaven either. Without being a sinner you cannot be a saint. And the man who has never been a sinner and has become a saint will be a poor saint, a very poor saint. His saintliness, his holiness, will have no richness in it.

"The day lives with the night and through the night. And you are awake because you have been asleep, and you can rest because you have been working. Life depends on the polarities – choose one, and you destroy the whole rhythm.

"That's what has been happening – the question is very relevant. Revolutions in the past have been of the head, that's why they have failed. Can't you see, all the revolutions have failed? French or Russian or Chinese…why have revolutions been a failure? The reason, the deepest reason, is because there was no heart. They were only from the head, they lived on logic. And life is illogical.

"Marx is logical, life is not logical. Marx is bound to fail; the failure is intrinsic in the very choice. Religions have failed – why? They have been choosing. They have been choosing spirit against matter, they have been choosing God against the world – that's what their failure consists in. Choose and you will fail. Be choiceless and accept the whole. It needs real courage to accept the whole, because the whole consists of opposites. The whole consists of yes and no. In fact the 'and' only exists in language. The whole really consists of yesno – there is no 'and' even between the two to join them; they are one.

"When you can see the whole as one, the world disappears into God and God disappears into the world. And the man disappears into the woman and the woman disappears in the man, and the heart and the head both dance together hand in hand."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

search… lost… spiritual… revolution… effort… crowd… disappears… thoreau… aristotle… christ

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