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Empty Heart, Empty Mind

Talk #2 of the Series, Rinzai: Master of the Irrational

"Maneesha, Rinzai is right. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you see – all your gestures indicate your inner reality. It cannot be otherwise, because whatever is shown on the circumference must be coming from the center.

"Rinzai is saying, 'I can see the person in his wholeness, and whether he is enlightened or not, just by the way he walks or the way he talks.' This statement is significant in the sense that enlightenment is not an intellectual phenomenon; it is existential. It transforms your total being.

"So whatever you do, it does not matter what it is – even if you don't do anything but simply sit down silently – you cannot deceive a man of enlightenment. He will be able to see through and through, straight into your being."
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Osho continues:
"Whether you are silent or speaking does not matter. Even if you are sleeping…the enlightened man sleeps in a different way than the unenlightened. It simply shows that all our actions, gestures, words, silences, arise through our being. All these waves come from the very center.

"The unenlightened person creates a different aura around himself. He has no presence; he is almost absent. He is a somnambulist, as if walking in sleep, stumbling in the darkness.

"The enlightened man simply is a man whose inner being is full of light. He does not stumble, he does not grope. He has nothing to choose.

"This I emphasize: the enlightened man is choiceless. He has not to choose what is good and what is bad. Whatever comes out of his spontaneity is bound to be good, is bound to be beautiful, is bound to be a tremendous grace. His every action or inaction is not only a blessing to himself – he has so much of it that he can bless the whole world.

"The enlightened man has become part of the abundance of cosmic reality. He is no more a miser, a small island. He has become a vast continent. He is no more an individual…. First he dropped his personality and attained individuality; then he drops his individuality too and attains to cosmic reality. At that point, he is everywhere and nowhere. Everything around him changes.

"So if you see such a man and if your vision is clear, there is no need for him to say to you that he is enlightened.

"There is a small incident:

"One of Gautam Buddha's disciples, Manjushree, became enlightened. He had been meditating for almost twenty years, and those who had already become enlightened immediately recognized him. Sariputra told him, 'Why don't you go and tell the master?'

"Manjushree laughed. He said, 'Do I have to go to the master for recognition? I know that whenever he comes across me, he will see it. I don't have to say it.' And that's how it happened.

"The next morning, when Gautam Buddha was going for a morning walk, he came by the side of the tree where Manjushree used to meditate."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

enlightened… heart… witness… seeing… revolutionaries… wisest… oneness… ramakrishna… manjushree… rinzai

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