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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Sat-Chit-Anand: Truth-Consciousness-Bliss, # 3, (mp3) - disturbed, known, picasso


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We Are the Pilgrims of the Unknowable

Talk #3 of the Series, Sat-Chit-Anand: Truth-Consciousness-Bliss

"It is one of the perennial questions that you have asked. Every seeker on the path, one day or another stumbles on the same question. It is the mind which wants to know everything, because the knowing mind becomes powerful over what it knows. Then that becomes its own territory. But existence consists of three layers: one is that of knowledge – that which has already been known. Mind is perfectly at ease with it. The other is the territory of the unknown, which will become known sooner or later: what is known today was unknown yesterday; what is unknown today is bound to be known tomorrow. Mind is a little uncomfortable with it, but not much. It knows that, although it is still beyond its territory, it cannot remain beyond its territory much longer."
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Osho continues:
"The first territory belongs to all the religions of the world. That's why they are all past-oriented. They don't have any tomorrows, only yesterdays.

"The second category belongs to the scientific world. They are perfectly at ease with the yesterdays, because the tomorrow is going to be based on the yesterday. But their focus is on the unknown. That is the adventure of science, to go on conquering the unknown and making it known; in other words to demystify the universe. That is the basic purpose of all scientific research: there should be no mystery in the world; everything should be known.

"Science is mind's final growth: therefore it cannot go beyond mind. The very word science means knowledge. Hence science does not divide existence into three categories, but only into two: the known and the unknown.

"And there is a third category, which I call the unknowable. We are the pilgrims of the unknowable. To move into the unknowable feels very scary to the mind, because the unknowable can in no way be made part of knowledge. It can never become the dominion and the empire of mind. It will always remain a mystery.

"You can live it, but you cannot know it. You can experience it, but you cannot reduce your experience into knowledge. You can dance it, you can rejoice in it, but you cannot transform its basic quality of being mysterious into knowledgeability. Knowledge is absolutely unmysterious.

"This is the world of the mystic. This is the world of sat-chit-anand – truth, consciousness and bliss.

"These words are absolutely unknown to science, and these words are absolutely scary for the mind. Neither does it know truth, nor does it want to know the truth; lies are so beautiful and comfortable. Truth is dangerous for the mind, because mind's whole basis is false and phony. The moment truth arrives mind has to leave, its time is over. The arrival of truth is instant death to the mind: all its empire simply disappears.

"Nor is the mind interested in consciousness. In fact, the mind tries in every way to remain unconscious as much as possible. Down the ages, every society and every culture has condemned alcohol and other intoxicating drugs, but to no effect – they have survived and they go on growing more and more influential."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

disturbed… known… watching… dynamic… awareness… overflowing… scriptures… psychology… dreamless… picasso

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