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Perceiving the Bull

Talk #4 of the Series, The Search

"I wonder whether you have observed it or not: that man is the only animal who draws his picture, his own picture. No other animal has ever done that. Not only does he draw pictures of himself, he stands before a mirror, looks at himself mirrored, reflected. Not only that – he stands before the mirror, looks at his reflection, and looks at himself looking at his reflection, and so on and so forth. Because of this, self-consciousness arises. Because of this, ego is born. Because of this, man becomes more interested in reflections than in reality.

"Watch your own mind! You become more interested in a pornographic picture than in a real woman. Pictures have a tremendous grip over the human mind; hence man lives in a fiction. And self-knowledge is not possible in fiction."
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Osho continues:
"You have to become more interested in the real than in the reflected. Mirrors have to be broken. You have to come back home; otherwise, you go on further and further away from yourself.

"This interest in reflections, fictions, dreams, thoughts, images, is the basic cause why man cannot know himself. He is not interested at all in himself. He is more interested in the opinion of others, what they think about him. That again is a mirror. You are constantly worried what people think about you. You are not worried at all about who you are – that is not a real quest – but about what people think you are. Hence you go on decorating yourself. Your morality, your virtue, is nothing but a decoration so that in others' eyes you can look beautiful, good, righteous, religious. But this is a great loss.

"If people think you are religious, that does not make you religious. If people think you are happy, that doesn't make you happy. And once you are on the wrong track, you can miss your whole life.

"Become more interested in being happy than being thought happy. Become more interested in being beautiful rather than being thought beautiful – because thoughts cannot satisfy your thirst, thoughts cannot satisfy your hunger. Whether people think you are well-fed or not is not the question; you cannot deceive the body. Real food is needed, pictures of food won't do. Real water is needed, pictures of water, formulas about water, won't do. H2O cannot quench your thirst. Once you understand this, then the discovery starts; then you are in search of the bull.

"Watch yourself. You will catch yourself red-handed many times a day when you are not thinking about reality but about fictions. Looking in a mirror and thinking that you are looking at yourself is one of the most absurd things. The face that is mirrored is not your face; it is just the surface, it is just the periphery. No mirror can mirror your center. And the circumference is not you. The circumference goes on changing every moment; it is a flux.

"Why are you so much attracted to the form? Why not to the real? A man who is in search of his self, who has become interested in self-knowledge, goes on breaking all mirrors."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

consciousness… escape… answer… renounce… seer… sensitivity… sensitive… zen… satisfy… dronacharya

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