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The Secret

Talk #21 of the Series, The Secret

"La illaha ill Allah – there is no God but God. There is no goal but the goal. And the goal is not separate from the source; the source and the goal are the same phenomenon. This is one of the most fundamental things to be understood: to reach the goal one has to reach the source. The alpha is the omega.

"If you go on trying to reach the goal you will remain in an eternal wandering and you will never come home. If you start searching for the source you will not only find the source, but you will have also found the goal. When the source is found the circle is complete.

"God is not where we are going; God is from where we are coming. And our eyes are fixed on distant stars."
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Osho continues:
"We go on looking ahead. We are oriented towards the distant and faraway, and all those goals that we create are our own mind projections. The real goal is from where we are coming. It is in our very nature, it is in our very being, it is the very ground of our existence.

"Hui Hai once went to visit the great Master Ma Tzu. The master asked him, 'Why do you come here?'

"Hui Hai replied, 'I come seeking enlightenment.'

"The master said, 'Why should you leave your home to wander about and neglect your own precious treasure? There is nothing I can give you. Why do you seek enlightenment from me?'

"The visitor pressed him for the truth, 'But what is my treasure?'

"The master answered, 'It is he who has just asked the question. It contains everything and lacks nothing. There is no need to seek it outside yourself.'

"Seeking presupposes that it is far away. Seeking has taken it for granted that it is not now-here, that it is not in you, that it is not you. Seeking has already supposed that it is different, separate from you and somewhere else, and it has to be sought to be found.

"This presupposition creates the misery for the seeker. The seeker lives in misery and frustration because the seeker has started on a wrong journey. The seeker is never going to find God, because God is not the sought but the seeker himself.

"The only religious question worth asking is 'Who am I?' That means diving deep within your own consciousness, coming closer and closer to your center. And when you have reached, penetrated the center like an arrow, one is surprised that nothing was ever lacking, nothing was ever missed, that you had not left your home, that you were already there, but your eyes were wandering far away. Only your eyes were wandering far away; you were rooted in your home. But your mind, your dreams, your eyes, your ideas, they had left you, and they were roaming all over the world.

"Ma Tzu is right. He says, 'Why do you come here? What is the point of coming here? Why did you leave your home?'

"These statements are not ordinary statements; they are very symbolic."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

future… politics… personality… politicians… source… renounced… goal… inwards… respected… remember

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