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Real Is for Always

Talk #8 of the Series, The Secret of Secrets

Would you talk about the relationship between disillusionment and celebration? I'm feeling a strange mixture of the two – a dying and a coming to life at the same time.

"Venu Gopal, mind lives in illusions. And to live in illusions is to be miserable, because they cannot be fulfilled. You can go on hoping but you will always be moving into a mirage. The moment you reach the place you were hoping for, the mirage will disappear, you will be in utter despair. Out of your despair you will again hope.

"Hope is just an effort to keep oneself alive somehow. You will again create illusion. This is how the whole game goes on: you are in despair, out of despair you create an illusion; out of illusion more despair is created, and out of more despair, more illusions."
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Osho continues:
"One goes on from despair to illusion, from illusion to despair. No energy is left to celebrate. You are in a constant tension between despair and hope. Your life becomes nothing but a tension between that which is and that which should be. You cannot feel being, you remain engrossed in becoming; becoming is misery, being is celebration.

"Celebration is not because some desire is fulfilled – because no desire is ever fulfilled. Desire as such cannot be fulfilled. Desire is only a way to avoid the present moment. Desire creates the future and takes you far away. Desire is a drug; it keeps you stoned, it does not allow you to see the reality – that which is herenow.

"Celebration means dropping this whole trip of becoming – just being here. When becoming disappears, all the smoke of becoming disappears, there is the flame of being, and that very flame is celebration.

"Celebration is without any cause. Celebration is simply because we are. We are made out of the stuff called celebration. That's our natural state – to celebrate – as natural as it is for the trees to bloom, for birds to sing, for rivers to flow to the ocean. Celebration is a natural state. It has nothing to do with your desires and their fulfillment, with your hopes and their fulfillment; it is already the case. But to see the celebration that is already happening at the deepest core of your being you will have to drop becoming, you will have to understand the futility of becoming.

"So something tremendously beautiful is happening, Gopal. Allow it. Yes, it is exactly so: when you are utterly disillusioned and you don't create any more illusions – that is what I mean by utterly disillusioned…. Disillusionment comes many times in everybody's life, but out of disillusion you again create new illusions. You cannot live without illusions; it has become a habit, a habit of many lives. You cannot live in the reality as it is, you want it to be something else – you are always wanting it to be something else – and reality has no obligation to anybody to change itself. And it is good that it doesn't bother about your desires, otherwise there will be chaos because there are so many people desiring, projecting."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

celebration… choose… real… past… despair… goal… pretend… reflections… adam… bodhidharma

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