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The Festive Dimension

Talk #31 of the Series, The Secret of Secrets

One of the controversial issues about your Ashram concerns indulgence in sex and what are being condemned as sexual perversions or orgies. We would like Osho to give us His views on sex and its role in transcendence.
R.K. Karanjia, Editor, Blitz

"My dear Karanjia, the way I teach is the way of life-affirmation. I teach life in its totality. In the past, religions have been life negative: they have denied life, destroyed life, they have been antagonistic to life, their God was against life. To me, life and God are synonymous, there is no other God than life itself – I worship life –and if life is God, then love is his temple.

"These three l's are the fundamentals of my teaching: life as God, love as the temple, light as the experience."
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Osho continues:
"If you have learned these three l's, you have learned all.

"But because the religions have remained antagonistic to life and love, it is natural that a great controversy will arise around me. I cherish it – it is natural. I am not worried by the controversy. I would be worried if it didn't arise. It is absolutely expected, it is absolutely according to my plan of work.

"Why have the religions been life-negative in the past? In the name of religion man has been exploited – exploited by the priest and by the politician. And the priest and the politician have been in deep conspiracy against man. The only way to exploit man is to make him afraid. Once a man is full of fear he is ready to submit, once a man is trembling inside he loses trust in himself. Then he is ready to believe in any stupid nonsense. You cannot make a man believe in nonsense if he has self trust.

"Remember, that's how man has been exploited down the ages. This is the very trade secret of the so-called religions: make man afraid, make man feel unworthy, make man feel guilty, make man feel that he is just on the verge of hell.

"How to make man so afraid? The only way is: condemn life, condemn whatsoever is natural. Condemn sex because it is the fundamental of life, condemn food because that is the second fundamental of life, condemn relationship, family, friendship because that is the third fundamental of life – and go on condemning. Whatsoever is natural to man, condemn it, say it is wrong: 'If you do it you will suffer for it. If you don't do it you will be rewarded. Hell is going to descend on you if you go on living naturally' – that is the message of the whole past – 'and heaven will be given to you if you go against life.'

"That means if you are suicidal, only then will God accept you: if you slowly, slowly commit suicide in the senses, in the body, in the mind, in the heart, and you go on destroying yourself. The more you succeed in destroying yourself, the more you will become beloved to God – this has been the whole teaching of the religions in the past, this has contaminated man's being, poisoned man."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life… priest… repression… lovemaking… celebrate… natural… attached… sacrifice… priests… sexuality

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