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Tao Is Already Happening

Talk #28 of the Series, The Secret of Secrets

Yes! Yes! Wake me up! This silly, multi-schizophrenic, leaking, watering-can has been deeply affected by these lectures – but one thing lately is, I am feeling more and more gross. Osho, I want my lotuses to bloom, to feel Tao, be worthy of Tao, to be Tao.

I want to fall into love! Will it, can it really happen? Can this real, beautiful soul inside burst into being?

"Tao, that's why I have given you the name Tao: there is a message for you in it. Tao means spontaneity, nature. Tao is not a practice, it is not effort, it is not cultivation. It is patience, it is trust, it is waiting for things to happen, even if one has to wait for eternity.

"Tao needs no work on your part."
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Osho continues:
"All that you can do will be an undoing, because the moment the doer comes, nature disappears. The moment the doer takes hold of you, you are possessed by the idea of the ego. And then there is a wall between you and Tao – or call it Existence.

"The doer has to dissolve, and you cannot do anything to dissolve it. How can you do anything to dissolve the doer? Whatsoever you do will go on feeding it. Just a simple understanding that all is taken care of…. Trees are growing – not that they are making any effort to grow. Birds are singing – not that they go to some music school. Rivers are flowing – nobody has taught them how to reach to the ocean. They don't carry any map, they don't know any path, they don't have any scriptures, still every river reaches to the ocean.

"Just look around! This immense universe is functioning so perfectly well that nothing can be added to it. It needs no improvement. Seeing this, one relaxes. If stars can go on dancing and flowers can go on blooming and birds can go on singing, why not you? You also belong to this universe. You are part of it. In fact, you are the most valuable part of it, the greatest flowering is going to happen in you – the flowering of consciousness, the Golden Flower of being. You are not neglected, you are taken care of.

"To understand life is to relax.

"Yes, only understanding is needed, not cultivation, not practicing. You don't need to become virtuous, religious. The people who try to become virtuous and religious become simply egoistic and nothing more.

"Drop this hankering, Tao, to be something other than you are. This is the moment! Just be in it! Be utterly one with the whole. And it need not be practiced because it is already the case! All that is needed is a little bit of understanding, a vision, and then all starts happening of its own accord.

"That's why I have given you the name Tao. The message is that you are not to create a character around you, that you are not to manufacture a certain personality in you, that you are not to think of future, of nirvana, of enlightenment, of God."
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