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Silence Brings Revelations, Not Words

Talk #19 of the Series, Sermons in Stones

"There is a great difference between words and pictures.

"First, pictures are older. The child dreams, although he cannot speak. He can see, although he cannot say what it is. And the pictures in his mind are more alive, more vibrant, more radiant, more innocent.

"It happened in a small school…. The teacher had been explaining to the students the Christian idea of the trinity. Her whole emphasis was on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

"After speaking for almost one hour, she asked the students a simple question: 'Who is the greatest man on the earth?' It was an international school.

"An American boy stood up and said, 'Abraham Lincoln.'

"The teacher was shocked. After hammering for one hour on Jesus Christ, this boy had not heard a single word."
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Osho continues:
"But she said to the boy; 'It is not absolutely right, although you are very close to the right answer.'

"An English boy said, 'Winston Churchill,' and so on and so forth it went. And then a very small boy who never used to raise his hand or stand up or answer on his own initiative, suddenly started waving his hand, almost madly. He was afraid somebody else might say the right answer.

"The teacher said, 'You look really in a hurry, so you stand up.'

"When he stood, he said, 'There is no question. Jesus Christ is obviously the greatest man in the world.'

"This was even more shocking because the boy was a Jew. All the Christians had missed – somebody was with Abraham Lincoln, somebody was with Albert Einstein, somebody was with Winston Churchill, somebody was with Karl Marx, somebody was with Sigmund Freud – strange, that a small Jew was the only one who would stand for Jesus Christ. He won the prize – there was a prize for answering this question.

"After the class was over, the teacher caught hold of the boy outside in the corridor and asked him, 'Are you not a Jew?'

"He said, 'Certainly, I am a Jew.'

"She said, 'Then, why did you say Jesus is the greatest man?'

"The boy laughed. He said, 'In my heart of my hearts, I know that Moses is the greatest man the earth has produced or will ever produce, but then business is business!'

"Now, Jesus Christ is only business to this boy. And he is innocent and honest and true.

"Man as such is covered with many prejudices. He thinks he thinks – that's a fallacy. He only repeats prejudices handed over to him by others.

"Unless a mind is completely vacated, unoccupied by all kinds of prejudices, you cannot understand anything of real, authentic value. Mind can understand only that which is mundane. But in a state of having an empty mind – fully alert and aflame but with no thoughts, no desires, no imaginations – you can see the reality as it is, because the word is no longer distorting your vision.

"A picture comes from the object to you."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

dangerous… cunning… playing… psychosynthesis… reliable… centeredness… archimedes

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