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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Sermons in Stones, # 24, (mp3) - love, presence, jesus


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Charisma: A Taste of the Divine

Talk #24 of the Series, Sermons in Stones

"Sudha, charisma is a mystery. It happens only to those people who have centered their being, concentrated their energies, who are no longer falling apart, who are consolidated, who have become one – the very meaning of the word, individual.

"Every individual has charisma. But individual means that which is indivisible. You cannot divide that person into fragments; you cannot say to that person that 'this part is wrong in you, this part is right in you.' You cannot create a schizophrenic psychology in that person; he's one and whole. This very phenomenon of being one, centered and whole, creates a magnetic pull.

"Now, you cannot see a magnetic pull. You can see the magnet, you can see the small pieces of metal which are moving towards the magnet, but you cannot see magnetism, you cannot see any power."
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Osho continues:
"All power is invisible. All energy is invisible.

"Charisma is the energy of the consciousness which is settled in itself – at ease, at home – which has arrived. Now there is nowhere to go. Utterly relaxed, with no tensions, with no anxieties, with no desires – in short, with no bickering, torturing the mind – one has arrived at the point called Being with a capital B. The moment you touch your Being, you are no more a separate entity from the universe – you have become part and parcel of this tremendously alive existence.

"But the problem arises…if you see it in a Gautam Buddha, there is no problem. You can understand – the man has blossomed. You can see it. In his eyes you can see the depth; you can see in his gestures, the grace. You can see in his words an authority which can come only through experience, not through knowledge.

"The problem arises when you find some charismatic qualities in an ordinary man who has never meditated, who has never gone inwards, who is as ordinary as everybody else. But sometimes it happens – you feel a magnetic pull. And because you have not arrived at your own center, it is very difficult for you to make a distinction between the man who is centered – hence, has a magnetic pull – and the man who is not so centered and yet you still feel a certain pull. You cannot make the distinction, for the simple reason that you have not experienced it in your own being.

"The ordinary man sometimes has something similar to charismatic power, but you will be surprised to know it is not charismatic power at all. It is something just the opposite – it is overflowing sexual energy. In a charismatic experience, the energy in the person is at the highest center. It is at the seventh center, sahasrar, beyond which you enter into the infinite, beyond which you are no more and you are all. It is the same energy.

"Man has seven centers, prominent centers. The energy is stored as a reservoir at the lowest center – naturally, because of gravitation. Water goes downwards because of gravitation; it pulls somewhere, but it is always the lowest place."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

love… presence… charisma… dance… societies… understanding… intelligent… habits… jesus… nijinsky

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