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Love Is the Greatest Alchemy

Talk #12 of the Series, Sermons in Stones

"Amrito, you have seen something so significant that everybody must be made aware of it.

"There is only one possibility for sanity to exist in relationships so they don't turn into inferiority and superiority games, so they don't become sado-masochistic tortures. And that only possibility is in the presence of an unconditional love.

"Love is the greatest alchemy.

"It transforms base metals into gold. Your ingredients are the same – the murderer and the Gautam Buddha are not different as far as their ingredients, their intrinsic potentialities are concerned. It is just that man is not a one dimensional machine.

"Man is not one-dimensional; otherwise, his whole world would be sheer boredom.

"And man's search is basically to be one with existence – separation hurts.

"In our other loving relationships, in small measures we are searching for the same unity."
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Osho continues:
"In love with a woman, in love with a man, in love with a friend, in love with some creative activity – dance, music, poetry – we are trying to have a certain synchronicity with existence.

"Our situation is that of a small child in the forest who has lost his mother and is searching in the forest, not knowing where to go. This situation allows many exploiters…this helplessness is used by those who are in power, by those who have money. The helplessness is used to convert you into a slave, into dependence.

"Hence, all the religions have developed particular programs. They begin with God – and with God, your relationship cannot be anything else but that which exists between a puppet and a puppeteer, between the slave and the owner. With God, you cannot expect more than that, because he is the creator; he has made you – he can at any moment destroy you too. Neither did he ask you whether you wanted to enter into life, nor will he ask you whether you are in favor of destroying the world.

"All the gods of all the religions are dictatorial. They are fascist.

"I don't have any God; hence I don't have any program for you in which you will be transformed slowly into a slave.

"I am fulfilled – nothing more can be added to my experience. That's why the people who are with me will not feel in any way inferior.

"Nobody is inferior. People may be in different spaces, but nobody is inferior and nobody is superior. They are all made of the same stuff you call God. How can somebody be superior and somebody be inferior? We belong to the same existence, our roots are nourished by the same existence.

"Existence makes no distinctions, no discriminations between the sinners and the saints.

"My approach is existential.

"Hence, nobody is superior and nobody is inferior here. Naturally, by destroying this complex of inferiority and superiority, we are removing the very possibility of any kind of fascist mentality, fascist personality – because to me, it is inconceivable that a fascist can ever be religious.

"And your so-called religious people are more or less all fascist fanatics."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

message… laughter… inferiority… crowd… religion… reflections… search… dancing… excuses… menuhin

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