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The Human Rights Declaration: Hypocrisy of a Barbarous Society

Talk #26 of the Series, Sermons in Stones

"One of the most fundamental things to be always remembered is that we are living in a hypocrite society.

"Once, a great philosopher was asked: 'What do you think of civilization?'

"The philosopher said, 'It is a good idea, but somebody has to change the idea into a reality. Civilization has not happened yet. It is a dream of the future.'

"But the people who are in power – politically, religiously, socially – are in power because civilization has not happened. A civilized world, a mature man, needs no nations – all those boundaries are false – needs no religions, because all those theologies are simple fictions.

"The people who have been for thousands of years in power – the priests, the politicians, the super-rich, they have all the powers to prevent human evolution."
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Osho continues:
"But the best way to prevent it is to convince man, 'You are already civilized,' to convince man, 'You are already a human being. You need not go through a transformation, it is unnecessary.'

"And man's weakness is that knowing perfectly well there exists no such thing as civilization, there exists no such thing as human sensitivity, still he starts believing in all the lies that the politicians have been speaking, the priests have been preaching, the educationists have been teaching – because it seems simpler to just believe, you don't have to do anything for it.

"To recognize the fact that you are not yet a man creates fear. The very ground underneath your feet disappears.

"Truth makes you utterly naked – naked of all lies, naked of all hypocrisies. That's why nobody wants truth; everybody believes that he has got it.

"Do you see the psychological strategy? If you don't want to give something to someone, convince him, hypnotize him, repeat again and again, 'You have got it.' And when thousands of people around you – your parents, your teachers, your priests, your leaders – are all believing it, it seems almost impossible for new arrivals in the world, small children, not to be convinced of this thousands-of-years-old idea. Millions of people have lived and died believing that civilization has happened.

"So the first thing I want you to understand is that we are still barbarous. Only barbarians can do things that we have been doing for thousands of years – not human beings. In three thousand years, five thousand wars…and you call man civilized?

"In the twentieth century – exactly in the middle of the twentieth century – you can produce Adolf Hitler, you can produce Josef Stalin, you can produce Benito Mussolini, you can produce Mao Zedong, and still you believe man is civilized?

"Adolf Hitler alone killed six million human beings, and killed with great sophistication. Science and technology have been used. One million Jews have been simply burned in gas chambers – within seconds thousands of people are nothing but smoke going out of the chimneys. He killed so many people that it was impossible to give each person the conventional grave."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sheep… religion… consciousness… personality… hiroshima… criminal… question… discrimination… einstein… lawrence

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