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Logic Is a Prostitute

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Talk #18 of the Series, Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

There is a Dutch proverb which says: Children and fools say the truth. Where do you fit in?

"The proverb has great wisdom in it. The moment one comes to know the truth, he becomes both – a child on his part, a fool in the eyes of others. They are not two things.

"A man who has seen the light starts behaving so innocently that he can only be called reborn. But because of his innocence, because his purity is like a child's, he can be deceived, cheated, exploited; hence, in the eyes of others he looks like a fool. The fact is, he is the only one who is not the fool; everybody else is. But the fools are in the majority and the man of truth is alone."
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Osho continues:
"Gautam Buddha became just like a child. Zarathustra became just like a child. When Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote a book about the man of truth, a man of silence and innocence, he named the book The Idiot. He will appear to be a fool: to be a child is the greatest risk in this insane world.

"You are asking me where I fit. If there were two things I could have chosen…I am both. As far as I am concerned, and those who understand me are concerned, I am a child. As far as those who do not understand me and do not want to understand me, I am certainly a fool. I fit perfectly with the whole proverb. There is no question of choice.
Ten years ago you said, 'Holland is going to be my first orange country.' everybody in Holland knows that you are coming. Could you please say something about the mind of the Dutch people?
"Holland is my country. I have more loving friends in Holland than anywhere else, not only loving but in deep trust. They have remained with me from the very beginning – they don't know how to betray. It is a great quality, a great honor, to remain in love, to remain in trust, and to go on seeing the truth and never start taking it for granted.

"The Dutch people are beautiful. I have come in contact with so many Dutch sannyasins that it feels as if I have already been to Holland. Although I have not gone there yet…any day I could move to Holland.

"And this is my trust – that although governments like that of Germany may try to prevent me from coming to their country, this is not going to happen in Holland. I will be received with love and welcomed; even the government is not going to create any barriers.

"I have not yet applied for the tourist visa. I have left aside only one country, Holland, for the simple reason that it is my last hope.
In Holland the suicide rate among teenagers is going up. You once said that the youth is our hope for the future. They themselves don't seem to have any hope. Can you please say something to them?
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

looking… future… conclusion… existence… conscious… disidentification… meera… truman… dostoevsky

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