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I Belong to the Whole World

Talk #1 of the Series, Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

You are traveling like the pope. Do you want everybody to become a sannyasin?

"The first thing to be remembered: you cannot compare me to the pope. He represents Jesus Christ, and through Jesus Christ he represents God.

"I represent no one.

"I represent only myself.

"He is a carbon copy; I am an original.

"The whole idea that somebody else can represent the truth, the experience of somebody else, is basically false. Either you know the truth or you don't know it. Those who know it will not represent anybody else. Those who do not know it, their representation is a lie, is a fundamental falsehood. They are pretending to be somebody they are not.

"The pope is infallible; I am just a human being – more fallible than anybody else, because as I see it, the more mistakes you commit, the more mature you become."
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Osho continues:
"Every error is an opportunity to learn. Just don't commit the same mistake again and again – that is stupidity. But commit as many mistakes as you are capable of – don't be afraid – because that is the only way nature allows you to learn. Just think of a person who has never committed a mistake. He will not have any growth, any maturity, any centering, any consciousness. He will be just a vegetable.

"The pope pretends to be infallible. He has to pretend it, because the logic is that he represents Jesus Christ: if he is fallible then Jesus Christ is fallible. Jesus Christ represents God: if he is fallible then God is fallible. To make God infallible you have to make Polacks infallible, for the sheer sake of logic – it has no existential truth in it.

"His trip around the world is political, it is not religious. It has nothing to do with spirituality. It is an effort to convert more and more people to the Catholic church, because numbers mean power. Particularly in a world which is ruled by mobocracy, numbers are the greatest power. Now the pope has six hundred million Catholics in the world, and they are increasing every day. But the conversion of people to Catholicism is not conversion to spiritualism…

"Islam used to convert people forcibly, with a sword in one hand, a naked sword, and in another hand, the holy Koran. You could choose. Now, it is very difficult for human beings to choose a life of something which they don't agree with, but they had to choose it because it was not a question of choosing between two doctrines, two philosophies: it was a choice between life and death. Life is good – and who cares about the Koran?

"Mohammedans have converted millions of people just by forcing them with the sword; their only argument was the sword. Now the world has changed; its strategies have changed. If you go to somebody with a sword you will be imprisoned.

"Christian missionaries are still doing the same thing, with a little change: in one hand is the Holy Bible, in the other hand is bread and butter."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

pope… prison… accept… emotional… peacefully… program… sciences… socrates… vimalkirti… hippocrates

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