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Talk #24 of the Series, Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries

Do you plan to stay in Greece? If so, do you want to establish a permanent commune here? If not, is there any place that you would consider going?

"Greece is beautiful. I would love to stay here, and I would like to establish a big commune too. But it all depends on how much courage the people of Greece have, whether they can digest me or not.I understand that there is no firm itinerary as yet, but could you talk in any detail about the world tour?

"It is difficult to talk about the world tour, for the simple reason that all governments are so afraid of me. I have applied to all the countries, I am waiting for their visas, and they go on postponing. It is almost two months…and they don't even have the guts to say no, because they know perfectly well that if they say no I am going to expose them publicly."
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Osho continues:
"So neither do they say no, nor can they say yes, because they are afraid of their church, of their mob. So for two months continuously, at least twelve countries have been postponing my visa.

"Greece was most courageous to accept and welcome me immediately.

"So I cannot say where I will be going next – most probably Italy. The next possibility is Switzerland, and the third possibility is France – but these are only possibilities, because it is not in my hands.

"For the first time I am realizing that we are living in a world which consists only of big prisons called nations. Man has not even the basic right of free movement. It is tragic; it is sad and ugly. And I am asking only for a tourist visa, for four weeks or six weeks…and they don't seem to have even the guts for that.
Questions from 'Carnival News', Switzerland.
In Switzerland during the carnival some people dressed up like you and others like sannyasins. They won the first prize as the carnival's best wagon in the carnival parade.
People seem intrigued by you, but why are so many people aggressive towards you and your sannyasins?
"It is one of the contradictions of the human mind: when you are afraid the best way to defend is to be aggressive. Their aggressiveness is symbolic of their deep fear. They know perfectly well that if they are not aggressive they can be won over. Their philosophical background is rotten, their religious ideology has no foundations in truth; they are aware of their weaknesses.

"My people are bringing their weaknesses to the surface. It is a good sign that they are aggressive; it simply shows they have started going down the drain. How long can they be aggressive? This aggressiveness is simply a facade to hide their fear, but that fear is deeper than their aggressiveness. This aggressiveness they cannot maintain forever; it needs energy to maintain it or it will wither away.

"But their fear is not going to wither away. It will be best for them, rather than being aggressive, to be more understanding – understanding of their fear, understanding of what my people represent to them and why they are feeling so afraid."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth… pope… understanding… postponing… path… catholicism… actuality… barabbas… aesop… maharishi

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