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The Real Self

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Talk #5 of the Series, A Sudden Clash of Thunder

"Self-consciousness is a disease. Consciousness is health; self-consciousness is disease – something has gone wrong. Some tie has arisen, some complex. The river of consciousness is not flowing naturally. Something foreign has entered into the river of consciousness, something alien, something that cannot be absorbed by the river, something that cannot become part of the river, something that resists becoming part of the river.

"Self-consciousness is morbidity. Self-consciousness is a frozen state, blocked. It is like a dirty pool, going nowhere – just drying, evaporating and dying. Of course, it stinks.

"So the first thing to be understood is the difference between self-consciousness and consciousness.

"Consciousness has no idea of 'I,' of ego. It has no idea of one's separation from existence. It does not know any barrier, it knows no boundaries."
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Osho continues:
"It is one with existence; it is in a deep at-onement. There is no conflict between the individual and the whole. One is simply flowing into the whole, and the whole is flowing into one. It is like breathing: you breathe in, you breathe out. When you breathe in, the whole enters you; when you breathe out, you enter the whole. It is a constant flow, a constant sharing. The whole goes on giving to you and you go on giving to the whole. The balance is never lost.

"But in a self-conscious man something has gone wrong. He takes in but he never gives out. He goes on accumulating and he has become incapable of sharing. He goes on making boundaries around himself so nobody can trespass. He goes on putting boards around his being: No Trespassing Allowed. By and by, he becomes a grave, a dead being – because life is in sharing.

"A self is a dead thing, alive only for the name's sake. Consciousness is infinite life, life abundant. It knows no boundaries. But ordinarily, everybody is self-conscious.

"To be self-conscious is to be unconscious. This paradox has to be understood: to be self-conscious is to be unconscious. And to be unself-conscious, or to be self-unconscious, is to become conscious. And when there is no self, when this small, tiny self disappears, you attain to the real self with a capital 'S' – call it the 'supreme self,' the 'self of all.'

"So the real self is both: no-self in the sense that it is not only yours, and it is the ultimate self also because it is the self of all. You lose your tiny center and you attain to the center of existence itself. Suddenly you become infinite; suddenly you are no longer bound, you have no cage around your being. And infinite power starts flowing through you. You become a vehicle – clear, with no obstructions. You become a flute and Krishna can sing through you. You become just a passage – empty, nothing of your own. This is what I call surrender.

"Self-consciousness is a non-surrendering attitude – it is the attitude of conflict, fight, struggle. If you are fighting with existence you will be self-conscious and, of course, you will be defeated again and again and again."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

remember… consciousness… listening… imagination… wise… conscious… foolish… self… receptive… bodhi

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