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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Sufis: The People of the Path, Vol. 2, # 6, (mp3)


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Talk #6 of the Series, Sufis: The People of the Path, Vol. 2

Recently, mind almost stopping, I have suddenly felt myself and everything around me to be existing exactly as in Jesus' time. And there has been a very strong sense of Jesus himself. Could you say something about this kind of phenomenon?

"The question is from Somendra.

"It is the same drama enacted again and again; the script remains the same, only the actors change. Friedrich Nietzsche has a very beautiful theory about it: the theory of eternal recurrence. It may not be true in the details, but the idea is significant and profound.

"It is like seasons – summer comes, followed by the rains, and then comes winter and again summer. In summer there will be summer flowers; in the rains there will be rain flowers; in winter there will be winter flowers."
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Osho continues:
"No single flower will ever be repeated, but the essential idea will be repeated again and again. It is an eternal recurrence.

"The story is the same. In its basics it is never different. It may be Krishna or Christ, Mahavira or Mohammed…actors change, different players participate, but the essential core of it is eternally the same. So when you move deeply in meditation – as Somendra is doing every day – and when the mind is almost stopping – as he says in his question – you become aware of many things which were already there, but of which you were not aware.

"Jesus is very deep in the Western consciousness. He is an archetype. Whenever you see something closely resembling it, your unconscious will release the archetype to your conscious. Because Somendra has lived as a Christian for many lives, Christ has gone very deep into his consciousness. He cannot remember Krishna, he has no relationship with Krishna. That symbol, that metaphor, does not exist in his unconscious mind. If he had been a Hindu for many lives, then he would have felt as if it was the time of Krishna. Or if he had been a Buddhist for many lives, then he would have felt the presence of Buddha. But it is the same. Buddha's body is different from Jesus' body, but what is hidden behind the body is not different – that inner purity, that inner innocence, that primal innocence is the same.

"In Somendra's unconscious, Jesus is very deep. And Jesus will be felt by many of you for another reason also. Although Somendra was not there in Jesus' time, there are many people here who were. The greater number of my sannyasins are Jews. It is not accidental, it can't be accidental. Jews don't exist in India – not at all. So many Jews reaching me – there must be something profound in it. They have missed Jesus and an unconscious search continues. And in a very unconscious way they are smelling something here. This time they don't want to miss. More and more Jews will be coming. That time they missed; it was difficult to accept Jesus in those days."

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