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Now Is the Only Real Time

This is how it comes

Talk #6 of the Series, The Sun Rises in the Evening

How do I find my way?

"There is no way to be found, and there is no one to find it – and there is no need either. The very idea of the way misleads, misguides. The way is possible only if truth is far away. If there is a distance between you and the truth, then the way is needed to connect, to bridge.

"But truth is not distant, truth is not there; truth is not even near. Truth is in you, truth is you. Truth is nearness, intimacy. That is the meaning when Jesus says 'God is love' – by love he means nearness, intimacy. Truth is already there in the innermost core of your being. The moment you start thinking of the way, you have started thinking of time, effort, will, struggle, seeking, searching, desiring, dreaming."
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Osho continues:
"You have created the whole world and the misery that automatically follows it. The very idea of truth being distant is false, utterly false. You have never left home. See it. Seeing it, the whole search disappears.

"This is the Zen approach; hence Zen is a pathless path, a gateless gate, an effortless effort. These are immensely significant words: pathless path, gateless gate, effortless effort. All that is meant is that you are not to go anywhere. Relax. Rest into your being. Rather than thinking of going, think of coming. You have already dreamt enough, you have left your home in a dream. Now don't prolong this dream. Asking for a way you are trying to convert your worldly dream into an otherworldly dream, that's all. The materialist is trying to become a spiritualist, but the greed continues.

"Remember one thing as a criterion: anything that creates future is bound to be against reality, because reality is always present – always and always, and forever. Reality knows no future. The mind creates the future, and creates it very cunningly, very cleverly.

"Now, this is a clever question: 'How do I find my way?' And you may not be aware what you are getting into. You are getting into a dream, and now you will be exploited because now you will find people who will supply the way. Wherever there is a demand, somebody is bound to supply. That is an economic law, the law of demand and supply. You make a demand for the way, and immediately thousands of gurus are born – you have given birth to them – and they are ready to supply you all that you need. That's how the spiritual supermarket exists: you create it by your demand. You create the false, the pseudo prophets, because when you ask for the way, the real master cannot give it to you because he is not your enemy, he is not there to exploit you. The real master's work is to take all the ways from you, all the methods. His whole work consists of destroying your future. Once the future is destroyed you will find yourself here, now – and now is the only real time."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light… beauty… beautiful… misery… heart… root… logical… following… zusia… tathata

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