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No Beginning -- No End

Talk #23 of the Series, The Sword and the Lotus

"There are many questions which are created by man himself; they don't have any roots in reality.

"First, man starts with assumptions and slowly, slowly forgets that the assumption is not reality. For example, the question of the ultimate – that in the beginning it was one, then why did it become two? It is absolutely man's creation – the whole idea.

"Nobody has any right to talk about the beginning, because nobody could have been a witness to it for the simple reason that if there was a witness, it was not a beginning. The witness was there – the beginning must have been some time before the witness. It is a simple, rational and logical understanding that to talk about the beginning is all nonsense.

"Christians say that in the beginning was the word."
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Osho continues:
"Now this is sheer stupidity because 'word' means a sound with a meaning, and meaning is impossible unless there is somebody to give it meaning.

"One thing is certain: in the beginning there cannot be a word. It would have been better if they had chosen sound – but just better, not right. Even to accept that in the beginning there was only sound, you need some ears to hear it. Without ears there is no sound. This is something scientific which you have to understand.

"For example, you see my robe is green. It is one of the very strange things that science has come to discover that when the light rays fall on anything…the light rays have all the seven colors of the rainbow….

"On my robe the light rays are falling. The robe is absorbing all the colors except green; that means this robe is not green at all. It is an appearance, and the appearance is possible because it is not accepting the green ray, so the green ray hits your eye. All other colors are absorbed, so they don't come back to your eyes. Only the green is left; it hits your eye, and naturally your eyes see it green. This robe can be any color, but it is not green, in fact it has no color – only when light falls on it does it have a certain quality of absorbing.

"But if you all close your eyes, including me, then this robe will not be green. Then all your clothes will lose their colors, because for colors to exist, eyes are needed.

"Take it from a different angle…. Common sense thinks that a blind man lives in darkness – that is absolutely wrong. The blind man has no eyes; he cannot see darkness. To see darkness you need eyes, and if you can see darkness, who is preventing you from seeing light? The blind man does not know anything about light, nor about darkness. The deaf person does not know anything about sound, and he does not know anything about silence. If there was nobody present and there was only sound – it is impossible, scientifically impossible, because sound can exist only with ears."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

beginning… light… religions… vedanta… genetics… origin… vishnu

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