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The Science of the Inner Soul

Talk #3 of the Series, The Sword and the Lotus

"It is one of the most significant questions that can be asked, but you will have to understand some deeper implications, which you may not be aware of.

"The politicians and the priests have a vested interest in keeping the people of the world unaware of the future. The reason is very simple: if the people are aware of the future and the darkness ahead, the death that is coming every moment closer, there is going to be a tremendous upheaval in the consciousness of man all around the world. And the politicians and the priests, who have dominated humanity for millennia, know perfectly well they cannot solve any problem that is going to be faced by humanity in the future. They are absolutely impotent. The problems are too big and they are too small."
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Osho continues:
"The only way for them to save their faces is not to let the people become aware of what is happening tomorrow.

"I have to make it clear also that politics attracts only the most mediocre minds in the world. It does not attract Albert Einsteins, Bertrand Russells, Jean-Paul Sartres, Rabindranath Tagores… No, it attracts a certain kind of people. Psychologists are aware of the fact that people who are suffering from some inferiority complex are the people to be attracted towards politics, because politics can give them power. And through power they can convince themselves and others that they are not inferior, that they are not mediocre.

"But just attaining power makes no difference to their intelligence. So the whole world is ruled by mediocre people when we have a large number of intelligent people – scientists, artists, musicians, poets, dancers, painters – all kinds of sensitive, creative people, the very cream of humanity, but they are not in power. They can change the whole fabric of human history, they can change the darkness of the future into a beautiful morning, a sunrise. But the misfortune is that power is in the hands of the wrong people, and the people of intelligence are devoid of power.

"I will tell you a small story to make it clear….

"A great mystic heard that one of his friends, a childhood friend – they had played together, studied together – had become the prime minister of the country. Just to congratulate him, the mystic came down from the mountains. It was a long journey, tiring. By the time he reached the prime minister's palace, the prime minister was getting ready to go somewhere.

"He recognized the mystic, but he said, 'I'm sorry, I have some appointments. I have to go to three places, and I would love it if you can come with me. On the way we can talk and remember the golden old days.'

"The mystic said, 'I would love to come with you, but you can see my rags are full of dust. It would not look right to sit by your side on a golden chariot.'

"The prime minister said, 'Don't be worried."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

mystic… sex… sexual… realization… remember… religiousness… omnipotent… hell… nadirshah… bonaparte

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