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One Boat Is Enough

Talk #9 of the Series, The Sword and the Lotus

"Man has been doing that since the very beginning, and he is still doing it. He is riding in two boats, and the result is the misery, the suffering, the anguish all over the world. You cannot ride in two boats.

"Firstly, being in two boats you become split, you become two – you are divided. A house divided against itself cannot stand long, and a man divided against himself is simply sick.

"The psychoanalysts call that sickness schizophrenia: he is not one. He has two voices – always in conflict with himself. He wants to do one thing, but half of his being pulls him back: 'Don't do it.' If he wants to do something else, the other half pulls him back and says, 'Don't do that.' Caught between the conflict of his own inner rift, all man's energy is wasted."
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Osho continues:
"He finds himself in a constant nightmare.

"You are all doing it, because all your religions have been teaching you to do it – not clearly, not openly, but in a very subtle way.

"Religions say that your body and your soul are separate, not only separate but antagonistic to each other; that the body is the enemy of the soul; that if you want to attain something of spirituality you will have to control your body, you will have to stop listening to its desires, you will have to curtail everything in which the body rejoices. In other words, you have to torture the body – torturing the body will be the way towards spirituality.

"All the religions have been saying to the world that there are two worlds – this world, and that world beyond death which nobody has ever seen, which nobody has ever proved, for which no evidence, no argument exists. But all the religions have been telling you: sacrifice the world that you know for a world which no one knows whether it exists or not.

"They are dividing you again between life and divine life. The divine life is always beyond death. And we have accepted these divisions. Of course, nobody can manage to be completely split, otherwise he will become two persons. The spirit remains always half-hearted; there is always a compromise.

"You think, 'Just today I can enjoy this, but I promise to God that from tomorrow I am going to start…' That tomorrow is never going to come. Tomorrows have a habit of not coming. That gives you a good space – it never comes, you need not fulfill the promise.

"I have heard…

"When Edmund Hillary reached to the highest peak of the Himalayas, Gourishankar, he was simply amazed, he could not believe it. He had made so many arrangements and he had put his and his friend's life at risk. He was going to be the first man to reach Gourishankar, but what he saw there shocked him. A Hindu monk was just squatting on top of Gourishankar. Edmund Hillary could not believe how he managed to reach there. But perhaps some spiritual power…That could be the only explanation."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

religions… seriously… desireless… growing… himalayas… playful… enjoying… ease… allowing… hillary

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