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An Individual Revolution

Talk #1 of the Series, The Sword and the Lotus

"The world is sad, it is in misery. There is great suffering in the hearts of people. But you need not be sad about it, for the simple reason that by becoming sad you join them, you create more sadness. It is not a help. It is just as if people are sick, and you see their sickness and you also become sick. Your sickness is not going to make them healthy, it is simply creating more sickness.

"To feel for their sadness does not mean to become sad. To feel for their sadness means to look for the causes of what is creating all their suffering and misery, and to help them to remove those causes. And at the same time you have to remain as joyful as possible because your joy is going to help them, not your sadness."
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Osho continues:
"You have to be cheerful. They should know that there is a possibility of being cheerful in this sad world. They have completely lost hope, because everywhere they look there is sadness. They have accepted the fact that sadness is just the nature of things – you cannot do anything about it, you have to suffer it.

"And the religious teachers have only been giving them consolations, giving them some hocus-pocus, hypocritical ideas. They have kept them miserable for centuries because they have made them accept misery as part of life. Not only that, they have raised their sadness and misery to some spiritual status. They have been telling them, 'Blessed are the poor.' So not only have they accepted their sadness as just a simple fact of life about which you cannot do anything, but they have also started feeling good about it, feeling it is something spiritual, that it is a test given by God to them.

"Rich people are not going to enter into the kingdom of God; it will be the poor, the miserable – they will be received with great joy and welcomed. All that they have to do is not to make any fuss about their misery – accept it as a blessing in disguise. And if for centuries you go on saying such things, you poison people's minds. But it seems that they are not alone in their sadness; everybody is sad. In fact, they will feel afraid to be cheerful in this vast crowd of sad people.

"So it is not going to help if when seeing them sad, you also become sad. It is simply making them more convinced of the fact that joy does not exist on the earth, it is something otherworldly – the fate and the destiny of the earth is misery. So simply give them an example that it is not true: 'If I can be cheerful, rejoicing, your whole fabric of stupid theories is proved irrelevant.'

"Secondly, you have to remember…. You say that you are not angry, but become sad seeing their sadness. There are people who become angry – these are the people who create revolutions, changes in the society, in the state."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sadness… miserable… philosophy… lie… simple… revolutions… known… cheerfulness… diogenes… reagan

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