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The Nature of Darkness and of Light

Talk #3 of the Series, Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

"The song continues:The darkness of ages cannot shroud the glowing sun;
the long kalpas of samsara ne'er can hide the mind's brilliant light.
Though words are spoken to explain the void,
the void as such can never be expressed.
Though we say, 'The mind is bright as light,'
it is beyond all words and symbols.
Although the mind is void in essence,
all things it embraces and contains.

"Let us first meditate a little on the nature of darkness. It is one of the most mysterious things in existence – and your life is so much involved with it, you cannot afford not to think about it. One has to come to terms with the nature of darkness because the same is the nature of sleep, the same is the nature of death and the same is the nature of all ignorance."
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Osho continues:
"The first thing that will be revealed to you if you meditate on darkness is that darkness does not exist; it is there without any existence. It is more mysterious than light. It has no existence at all; rather, on the contrary, it is just an absence of light. There is no darkness anywhere; you cannot find it, it is simply an absence. It is not, in itself; it has no existence in itself; it is simply that the light is not present.

"If the light is there, there is no darkness; if the light is not there, there is darkness, an absence of light. It is not a presence of something. That's why light comes and goes, darkness remains. It is not, but it persists. Light you can create, light you can destroy, but you cannot create darkness and you cannot destroy darkness – it is always there without being there at all.

"The second thing: if you contemplate, you will come to realize that because it is non-existential you cannot do anything to it. And if you try to do anything to it, you will be defeated. Darkness cannot be defeated, how can you defeat something which is not? And when you are defeated you will think, 'It is very powerful because it has defeated me.' This is absurd! Darkness has no power; how can a thing which is not, have power? You are not defeated by the darkness and its power; you are defeated by your foolishness. In the first place you started fighting – that was foolish. How can you fight with something which is not? And remember, you have been fighting with many things which are not, they are just like darkness.

"All morality is a fight against darkness, that's why it is stupid. All morality, unconditionally, is a fight with darkness, fighting with something which in itself is not. Hate is not real; it is just the absence of love. Anger is not real; it is just the absence of compassion. Ignorance is not real; it is just the absence of buddhahood, of enlightenment. Sex is not real; it is just the absence of brahmacharya. And all morality goes on fighting with that which is not."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

darkness… sleep… light… poetry… metaphors… witness… forgetfulness… eternity… conscious… marx

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