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Love Is the Language

Talk #9 of the Series, The Tantra Experience

"Ah, the beauty of existence! The sheer delight of it! The joy, the song, and the dance! But we are not here. We appear to exist, but we are almost nonexistential, because we have lost contact with existence, we have lost our roots in it. We are like an uprooted tree: the sap flows no more, the juice has dried up. No more flowers will come, and the fruits…. Not even birds come to take shelter in us.

"We are dead, because we are not yet born. We have taken physical birth as our birth; that is not our birth. We are still existing as potentialities, we have not become actual; hence the misery. The actual is blissful, the potential is miserable. Why is it so? – because the potential cannot be at rest."
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Osho continues:
"The potential is continuously restless, it has to be restless: something is going to happen. It hangs in the air, it is in limbo.

"It is like a seed…how can the seed rest and relax? The rest and relaxation is known only by the flowers. The seed has to be deep in anguish, the seed has to continuously tremble. The trembling is…whether he will be able to become actual, whether he will find the right soil, whether he will find the right climate, whether he will find the right sky. Is it going to happen, or will he simply die without being born? The seed trembles inside, the seed has anxiety, anguish. The seed cannot sleep, the seed suffers from insomnia.

"The potential is ambitious, the potential longs for the future. Have you not watched this in your own being? – that you are continuously longing for something to happen and it is not happening, that you are continuously hankering, hoping, desiring, dreaming, and it is not happening! And life goes on flowing by. Life goes on slipping out of your hands and death comes closer, and you are not yet actual. Who knows which will come first: actualization, realization, blossoming, or maybe death? Who knows? Hence the fear, the anguish, the trembling.

"Sren Kierkegaard has said man is a trembling. Yes, man is a trembling because man is a seed. Friedrich Nietzsche has said man is a bridge. Exactly right! Man is not a place to rest, it is a bridge to pass over. Man is a door to go through, you cannot rest at being man. Man is not a being, man is an arrow on the way…a rope stretched between two eternities. Man is a tension. It is only man who suffers from anxiety, the only animal on the earth who suffers from anxiety. What can be the cause of it?

"It is only man who exists as potentiality. A dog is actual; there is nothing else to happen. A buffalo is actual; there is nothing more, it has already happened. Whatsoever could happen has happened. You cannot say to a buffalo, 'You are not yet a buffalo' – that will be foolish."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

heart… seed… sound… flowing… laughter… present… possibilities… saraha… abraham… godot

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