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Don't Live Lukewarm

Talk #7 of the Series, The Tantra Experience

"Truth is. It simply is. It just is. It never comes into existence, never goes out of existence. It never comes, it never goes; it abides. In fact that which abides, we call it truth; it remains. That which remains, remains forever, is called truth. It is in the beginning, it is in the middle, it is in the end. In fact there is no beginning, no middle, no end. It is all over.

"Looked into deeply, the beginning is in it, the middle is in it, the end is in it; it pervades all, because only it is. In millions of forms it is the same reality that is being expressed. Forms are different, but the substance, the essence, is the same.

"Forms are like waves and the essence is like the ocean."
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Osho continues:
"Remember, Tantra does not talk about God. To talk about God is a little anthropomorphic. It is to create God in man's image, it is to think about God in human terms; that is creating a limitation. God must be like human beings, true, but he must be like horses also, and he must be like dogs too, and he must be like rocks, and he must be like stars…. He must be like all. Yes, man will be included as a form, but man cannot be the form.

"Just think of God as a horse – it looks absurd. Think of God as a dog – it looks sacrilegious. But we go on thinking of God as man, and it doesn't look sacrilegious? It is the human ego. Man feels very, very happy when he can think in terms of God being like him. In the Bible it is said God created man in his own image…certainly this is written by man. If horses were writing their Bible they would not write that, certainly not. They might even write that God created the devil in man's image, because God – how can God create man in his own image, and man has been so cruel to horses? Nothing in man seems to be divine; ask a horse. Maybe the devil, maybe a representative of Beelzebub, but not God at all.

"Tantra drops that whole anthropomorphism. Tantra brings things to their right proportion, puts man in his right place. Tantra is a great vision: it is not centered on man, it is not centered on any partial attitude. It sees reality as it is, in its suchness, in its tathata, in its thusness. It does not talk about God. Instead of God, Tantra talks about truth.

"Truth is nonpersonal, impersonal. Truth can have the qualities of all, there is no limitation in it. The Bible says: In the beginning God created the world. Tantra says: How can there be any beginning and how can there be any end? and when there is no beginning and no end, how can there be a middle? It is all eternity, it is not time; Tantra is a vision beyond time."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth… science… illusions… trust… reflection… reality… parts… saraha… delgado… beelzebub

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