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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Tantric Transformation, # 5, (mp3) - experience, memory, saraha


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From Nothing to Nothing

Talk #5 of the Series, Tantric Transformation

"An ancient scene…it must have been a morning like this. The trees were dancing in the morning sun and the birds were singing. And the house of a great mystic of those days, Udallaka, was celebrating the coming back of his son, Swetketu, from the house of the master where he had been sent to study.

"Swetketu comes. The father receives him at the door, but feels that something is missing; something is missing in Swetketu, and something is present which should not be present – a subtle arrogance, a subtle ego. That was the last thing the father was waiting for.

"In those ancient days education was basically the education of the non-ego. A student was sent to the forest university to live with the master so that he could dissolve himself and have a taste of existence."
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Osho continues:
"Rumors had been coming that Swetketu had become a great scholar. There were rumors that he had won the greatest award. And now he came, and Udallaka was not happy.

"Yes, he has brought the greatest award that the university could have conferred. He has passed all the examinations, he has obtained the highest degree, and he comes loaded with much knowledge. But something is missing, and the father's eyes are full of tears. Swetketu could not understand it. He said, 'Is something wrong? Why are you unhappy?' And the father said, 'One question: have you learned that one, by learning which everything is known, and by forgetting which all knowledge is futile, meaningless, just a burden – not a help, but a harm?'

"Swetketu said, 'I have learned all that was available there. I have learned history, I have learned philosophy, I have learned mathematics, I have learned the Vedas. I have learned language, I have learned art, I have learned this and that….' And he listed all the names of all the sciences of those days. But the unhappiness of the father remained the same. He said, 'But have you learned that one, by learning which all is learned?'

"The son was a little annoyed. He said, 'Whatsoever my master could teach, I have learned. And whatsoever is written in the books, I have learned. What are you talking about? 'That one'…! Don't be mysterious, say it exactly. What do you mean?'

"Naturally there was arrogance. He had come with the idea that now he knew all. Maybe he was thinking – as every student thinks – that now his father knows nothing. He must have come with the idea that now he had become a great knower. And there was his old father who was not happy, and he was talking about something mysterious: the one.

"And the father said, 'Do you see the tree yonder, over there? Go and bring a seed from that tree.' It was a nayagrod tree. The son brought a seed of the tree, and the father said, 'Where does the tree arise from?'

"And the son said, 'From this small seed, of course.'

"'This big tree…from this small seed? Break the seed and see where that tree arises from – that big tree.' And the seed was broken, but there was nothing."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

experience… memory… disappeared… recognition… following… saraha… udallaka… swetketu… picasso… augustine

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