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Breaking the Four Seals

Talk #3 of the Series, Tantric Transformation

"Tantra is transcendence. It is neither indulgence nor repression. It is walking on a tightrope, it is one of the greatest of balances. It is not as easy as it appears, it needs very delicate awareness. It is a great harmony.

"It is very easy for the mind to indulge. The opposite is also very easy: to renounce. To move to the extreme is very easy for the mind. To remain in the middle, exactly in the middle, is the most difficult thing for the mind, because it is a suicide for the mind. The mind dies in the middle and the no-mind arises. That's why Buddha has called his path majjhim nikaya – the middle path. Saraha is a disciple of Buddha, in the same lineage, with the same understanding, with the same awareness."
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Osho continues:
"So this very fundamental thing has to be understood, otherwise you will misunderstand Tantra. What is this razor's edge? What is this being exactly in the middle? To indulge in the world, no awareness is needed. To repress worldly desires, again no awareness is needed. Your so-called worldly people and your so-called otherworldly people are not very different; they may be standing back-to-back but they are not very different at all, they are of exactly the same type of mind. Somebody is hankering for money, and somebody is so against money that he cannot even see currency notes; he becomes afraid and a trembling arises in him. These people are not different; for both of them money is of great importance. One is in greed, one is in fear, but the importance of the money is the same: both are obsessed with money.

"One is continuously thinking of women, dreaming, fantasizing. Another has become so afraid that he has escaped to the Himalayas just to avoid women. But both are the same: for both, the woman is important, or the man – the other is important. One seeks the other, one avoids the other, but the other remains their focus.

"Tantra says: The other has not to be the focus, neither this way nor that way. This can happen only through great understanding. The lust for a woman has to be understood – neither indulged in nor avoided, but understood. Tantra is very scientific.

"The word science means understanding, the word science means knowing. Tantra says: Knowing liberates. If you know exactly what greed is, you are free of greed; there is no need to renounce it. The need to renounce arises only because you have not understood what greed is. The need to take a vow against sex is needed only because you have not understood what sex is. And the society does not allow you to understand it.

"The society helps you not to understand. The society has been avoiding the very subject of sex and death down through the centuries. These subjects are not to be thought about, not to be contemplated, not to be discussed, not to be written about, not to be researched; they are to be avoided."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

experience… sleep… learn… knowing… space… opposite… mechanical… kundalini… saraha… emile

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