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The Tantra Map

Talk #1 of the Series, Tantric Transformation

"Tantra is freedom – freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind-games; freedom from all structures – freedom from the other. Tantra is a space to be. Tantra is liberation.

"Tantra is not a religion in the ordinary sense. Religion again is a mind-game, religion gives you a certain pattern. A Christian has a certain pattern, so has the Hindu, so has the Muslim. Religion gives you a certain style, a discipline. Tantra takes all disciplines away.

"When there is no discipline, when there is no enforced order, a totally different kind of order arises in you. What Lao Tzu calls Tao, what Buddha calls dhamma – that arises in you. That is not anything done by you, it happens to you; Tantra simply creates a space for it to happen."
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Osho continues:
"It does not even invite, it does not wait; it simply creates a space. And when the space is ready, the whole flows in.

"I have heard a very beautiful story, a very ancient one….

"In a province no rain had fallen for a long time. Everything was dried up; at last the citizens decided to fetch the rainmaker. A deputation was sent to see him in the distant town where he lived, with the urgent request to come as soon as possible and make rain for their parched fields.

"The rainmaker, a wise old man, promised to do so on condition that he be provided with a solitary little cottage in the open country where he could withdraw by himself for three days; no food or drink would be required. Then he would see what could be done. His requests were met.

"On the evening of the third day abundant rain fell, and full of praise a grateful crowd made a pilgrimage to his house and exclaimed, 'How did you do it? Tell us.'

"'It was quite simple,' the rainmaker answered. 'For three days all I have done is to put myself in order. For I know that once I am in order, then the world will be in order, and the drought must yield place to the rain.'

"Tantra says: If you are in order, then the whole world is in order for you. When you are in harmony, then the whole existence is in harmony for you. When you are in disorder, then the whole world is disorder. And the order has not to be a false one, it has not to be a forced one. When you force some order upon yourself, you simply become split; deep down the disorder continues.

"You can observe it: if you are an angry person you can force your anger, you can repress it deep down in the unconscious; but it is not going to disappear. Maybe you become completely unaware of it, but it is there – and you know that it is there. It is running underneath you, it is in the dark basement of your being, but it is there. On top of it you can sit smiling, but you know it can erupt any moment."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

moment… space… real… male… primal… repressed… slavery… yashodhara… saraha… delgado

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