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No-Mind Is the Door

Talk #9 of the Series, Tantric Transformation

"There are two ways to approach reality: the way of the intellect and the way of intelligence. The way of the intellect is to theorize about it, is to think about it, is to speculate about it. And all speculation is meaningless because how can you speculate about that which you don't know? How can you even think about that which you don't know?

"The unknown cannot be thought, there is no way to think about the unknown; all that you go on thinking is the known that goes on repeating in your mind. Yes, you can create new combinations of old thoughts, but just by making new combinations you are not going to discover the real. You will be deceiving.

"Intellect is the greatest deceiver in the world. Through intellect man has deceived himself down the ages."
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Osho continues:
"Through intellect you explain away the reality, you don't explain it. Through intellect you create such a dust around yourself that you cannot see the reality at all; you are cut off from the existential, and you are closed in your words, in your thoughts, in your arguments. You are lost in your scriptures – no man has ever been lost anywhere else. It is in the jungle of the scriptures where men get lost.

"Tantra is the way of intelligence, not of intellect. It does not answer any questions; it does not explain anything at all, it is non-explanatory. It is not a questioning, it is a quest. It is not inquiry about the truth, it is an inquiry into the truth. It penetrates reality. It tries to destroy all the clouds that surround you so that you can see the reality as it is.

"Tantra is to go beyond thinking. That's why love has been so much praised by the tantrikas. That's why the love orgasm has become a symbol for the ultimate reality: the reason is that it is only in the love orgasm that you lose your mind for a few moments. That is the only state of no-mind which is available to the ordinary man, that is the only possibility for you to have a glimpse of reality.

"Hence, sexual orgasm has become tremendously important on the path of Tantra. Not that it gives you ultimate reality, but at least it gives you a chance to peek beyond the mind. It gives you a small window…very momentary; it does not stay long, but still that is the only possibility for you to have some contact with reality. Otherwise you are always surrounded by your thoughts and the thoughts explain nothing. All explanations are simply nonsense.

"Now I would like to tell you a joke. You know I don't tell many of them….

"The joke has to do with this fella standing on the corner – a colored fella. And he's standing on the corner and he looks up and he says, 'Lord!' – he is on a personal basis – he says, 'Lord, why did you make me so dark?'

"And the Lord thinks, and the Lord broods, and the Lord tries to philosophize – some answer is needed – and the Lord says, 'My boy, the reason I made you so dark is so that when you're running through the jungle, the sun won't give you sunstroke.'

"The colored fella says, 'Yeah, yeah, I go for that."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

reality… joy… enjoy… ordinary… music… objects… insight… colored… saraha… sartre

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