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Talk #4 of the Series, Tao: The Golden Gate, Vol. 1

Please talk about people like Bertolt Brecht who reject religion and spirituality and yet whose powerful creative love shines like an angry light in the twentieth century.

"Tim Green, religion for centuries has become associated with a life-negative attitude, and obviously any life negative attitude cannot be creative; it becomes intrinsically impossible for it to be creative. Creativity needs a life-affirmative philosophy, creativity needs a tremendous love for existence, and the so-called religions have been teaching people to renounce life, to escape from life; they have been against life.

"Because of this, no creative person can be interested in such religions. If he becomes interested he will lose his creativity; if he wants to remain creative he will have to sacrifice his religiousness. Religions have not left any other choice."
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Osho continues:
"Because of this, only uncreative people became interested in religion.

"I am not talking about Gautam the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, Jesus, Mohammed, Mahavira, Krishna, Kabir, Nanak; leave aside these few names. They are immensely creative, they are poets of existence. They are far greater poets than your so-called poets – their whole life is poetry. They are great musicians. They may never have played on any musical instrument, but their heart is full of harmony, music, melody. Their very heartbeat is that of rhythm, of music. Their life is a dance, it is a song, it is a celebration. Hence, please leave aside these few people.

"But the religions have nothing to do with them. Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, these organized religions have nothing to do with their own founders. If you look deep, if you meditate over the matter, you will be surprised. This is my observation: that the people who call themselves Christians are not at all concerned with Christ and his message; in fact, they are against everything which Christ stood for and sacrificed his life. The people who call themselves Hindus have nothing to do with Krishna; although they worship him, worshipping makes no difference in their lives. They have not learned the art that Krishna represents; in fact, they have interpreted Krishna according to their own ideas. And the same is the case with the Buddhists and the Jainas and other religions: they have all gone against the original founders. They have fallen victims of priests – and priests have nothing to do with religion at all.

"Priests and politicians are in a conspiracy to exploit people, and the best way to exploit people is to destroy their intelligence. Of course, people like Bertolt Brecht cannot support such religions. These religions have enslaved humanity. They have not helped people to be free, to be independent, to he their own selves; on the contrary, they have reduced them to slaves; in the name of religion they have created great prisons. And the strategy is subtle – very subtle, very cunning. The basic strategy is the same one used all over the world by all the religions.

"The first and the most fundamental principle of that strategy is: destroy people's love for life, love for joy love for celebration."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

light… mystics… enjoying… affluence… resist… real… sartre

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