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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Tao, The Pathless Path, Vol. 1, # 9, (mp3) - life, desire, past


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Only Forgotten

Talk #9 of the Series, Tao, The Pathless Path, Vol. 1

"Truth is one – cannot be otherwise because existence is a universe, it is not a 'multiverse.' It is one. It is glued together. It is a togetherness. It is a cosmos. That which keeps the universe together is what we call truth, or Tao, or God. Tao is not a person, neither is god a person, but the unity that runs through everything, like a thread running through a garland. The universe is not a heap of things, separate, individual, like islands. No, the universe is one, together, and something keeps it together…it is not falling apart. That which keeps it together is God, Tao.

"But man can approach through two ways towards this truth. Those two ways have to be understood. Truth is one but the paths are two."
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Osho continues:
"The first path is via affirmativa, the positive path, the 'yes-sayers' path, The path of devotee. Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna-they have followed the path of affirmation. The path of affirmation seems the path of effort, great effort: one is trying to reach God, one has to make all the effort that is possible, one has to do the utmost, one has to put oneself at stake. In modern times, Gurdjieff, Ramakrishna-they followed the path of affirmation, via affirmativa.

"The other path is via negativa, through negation, through the 'no.' Lao Tzu, Buddha, Nagarjuna – they followed the path of negation. In modern times, Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti – they follow the path of the 'no.'

"These two paths have to be understood as clearly as possible because much will depend on it; you will have to choose some day or other. They move in different dimensions; they reach to the same goal, but they move in different directions.

"The positive path is a positive approach towards God, a reaching towards God, a seeking, an inquiry. The negative path is a waiting for God, not seeking. The negative path is just to keep the door open, not to go, to seek; not to inquire, just to be receptive, womb-like. The first is yang, the second is yin. The first is the male-oriented path, the second is the female-oriented path. One has just to be in a let-go in the second: no will, but surrender. One has just to allow God to be; no reaching for him, let him reach you. Simply be silent, empty. Give space so that if he comes you are available; you remain available.

"On the path of will you have much to do; on the path of surrender you have nothing to do, exactly nothing to do, only nothing to do. These paths can be named in a different way too. The first path can be said to be the path of the ascetic. The word 'ascetic' comes from a Greek root ascesis which means exercise. Many methods, many exercises, Yoga, methodology, techniques, are possible. The second path can be called the path of the mystic: no exercise, no methods, no technology.

"On the first path time is a must."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life… desire… past… emptiness… buddhists… hindrance… wavering… individual… austerities… forgetfulness

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