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Tao: The Ultimate Synthesis

Talk #1 of the Series, Tao, The Pathless Path, Vol. 2

"Tao means transcendence – transcendence of all duality, transcendence of all polarity, transcendence of all opposites. Tao is the ultimate synthesis – the synthesis of man and woman, of positive and negative, life and death, day and night, summer and winter.

"But how does this synthesis become possible? How has one to grow into that ultimate synthesis? A few things have to be understood….

"First, the principle of yin, the principle of femininity, is like a ladder – a ladder between hell and heaven. You can go to hell through it and you can go to heaven through it; the direction will differ but the ladder will be the same. That ladder is the principle of yin, the principle of femininity. Nothing happens without the woman. The energy of the woman is the ladder of the lowest and of the highest, of the darkest valley and of the lightest peak."
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Osho continues:
"This is one of the fundamental principles of Tao. It has to be understood in detail. Once it gets rooted in your heart things will become very simple.

"It will be good to go into the symbol of Adam and Eve.

"The world does not start with Adam, it starts with Eve. It is through Eve that the serpent persuades Adam to disobey. The serpent could not persuade Adam directly – it is as if there is no direct way to the man. If you want to reach the man you have to go through the woman. The woman functioned as a medium for the evil.

"Then again, when Christ is born, he is born out of the Virgin Mary. The Christ Child is born out of virgin femininity, out of virgin yin. The highest enters through the woman.

"The lowest and the highest have both been through the woman.

"Adam means earth, clay – exactly red earth. God made Adam out of red earth. Adam is the principle of dust unto dust. Man is the outer principle, the principle of extraversion: man is the physical body.

"Try to understand these symbols. Man is the physic body and God created Eve out of man's physical body. It was something higher. First man had to be created, then woman. It was something subtler, something more refined. something of a greater synthesis. Eve was created out of a rib, Eve could not be created directly from the earth.

"For example: you cannot eat mud but you can eat apples – apples are on a higher plane. They come out of the mud. The tree grows out of the mud, so the apple is nothing but earth transformed. You can eat the apple and you can digest it but if you try to eat the earth you will die. The apple is from the earth but it is a superior synthesis – better, more digestible.

"God created Adam and the way man has taken it is that because God created man first he is first. No, man is created first because he is very close to the earth. Then the woman is created – she is not as close to the earth, she is created out of Adam, she is a higher synthesis."

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