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Let the Good Times Roll!

Talk #8 of the Series, Living Tao

Osho, As I have heard from you, the whole existence is the answer, not the question. So when the answer exists, not the question, why does the question come from the answer?

"It is not coming from the answer, it is coming from you, and it comes from you because you have not seen the answer yet, you have not heard the answer yet.

"To know existence you have to be existential. You are not existential, you live in thoughts. You live in the past, in the future, but never here and now. And existence is right now here. You are not here, hence the question arises. The question arises because of not meeting with existence. You think you live, but you don't live; you think you love, but you don't love – you only think about love, you think about life, you think about existence, but that very thinking is the question, that thinking is a barrier."
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Osho continues:
"Drop all thoughts and see. You will not find a single question there, only the answer exists.

"That's why I insist again and again that the search is not really for the answer, the search is not really so that your questions can be answered. No, the search is only how to drop the questions, how to see life and existence with a non-questioning mind. That is the meaning of shraddha, trust. This is the deepest dimension of shraddha or trust: you look at existence with a non-questioning mind. You simply look. You have no idea how to look at it, you don't impose any form on it, you don't have any prejudice – you simply look with naked eyes, absolutely uncovered by any thoughts, any philosophies, any religions. With eyes like a small child you look at existence and then suddenly there is only the answer.

"There are no questions in existence. Questions come from you. And they will go on coming, and you can go on accumulating as many answers as you like – those answers won't help. You have to attain to the answer, and to attain to the answer you have to drop all questioning. When there is no question in the mind the vision is clear, you have a clarity of perception; the doors of perception are clean and open, and everything becomes suddenly transparent. You can go to the very depth. Wherever you look, your look penetrates to the deepest core, and there suddenly you find yourself.

"You find yourself everywhere. You will find yourself in a rock, if you look deep, deep enough. Then the looker, the observer, becomes the observed, the seer becomes the seen, the knower becomes the known. If you look deep enough into a rock, into a tree, or into a man or into a woman, if you go on looking deeply, that look is a circle. It starts from you, passes through the other and comes back to you. Everything is so transparent. Nothing hinders. The ray goes, becomes a circle, and falls back on you.

"Hence one of the greatest secret sentences of the Upanishads: Tat tvam asi, Svetketu – Thou art that or That art thou."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

effort… ego… knowledge… extraordinary… expression… obviously… accepting… enlightened… paradox… adler

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