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Don't Look at Happiness Too Long

Talk #6 of the Series, Undone Tao

Why don't you ever answer my questions!

"If I don't answer, then that is the answer. Try to understand it. There are reasons. If your questions are just asked for the sake of asking, I don't answer them, but that is the answer!

"If your questions are too full of your ego – the questions are less important, that they are yours is more important – then I don't answer them. But that is the answer.

"You should ask a question if it is a real need. I am not here to impart information to you – that you can gather from anywhere. If it is really a need, I always answer. Even if I feel that the ego is too much in the question – then too I answer, but then never directly; then I answer in some others' questions…and that I have been doing."
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Osho continues:
"But when the ego is too much you are not worried about the answer, you are simply worried about one thing: whether my question has been answered or not. I have been answering – but through others' questions.

"And why so much attachment even to a question, that this is mine and this is not mine?

"A question belongs to nobody. And human problems are not very different. All humanity is in the same trap – the whole humanity is in the same plight – degrees may differ. And I have been answering so many questions, can't you hear that your questions have been answered so many times? But your ears are closed by the ego. You are waiting intently for when your question is to be answered – and then you will miss.

"I have not answered in a way, yet I have answered in many ways.

"Now, whenever you ask a question, don't bother, and don't wait for its answer – somewhere, indirectly, I must be answering it. I pay attention to your need, to your real authentic need, not to your pseudo ego needs.

"Drop the ego and then ask. Don't ask for asking's sake. Let the question be really authentic. And then don't wait for your question to be answered. Questions are questions. They are not yours or somebody else's.

"The second question:
You said one reaches when one is totally frustrated. Can one also reach in total ecstasy?
"That is impossible! Because total ecstasy is not possible unless you have reached. When you reach, only then total ecstasy flowers. Otherwise, what will be the need to reach, if you are already totally ecstatic? Then there is no point in going anywhere, you have already reached the goal!

"In total ecstasy the goal is already left behind. Who wants to reach then? Where will you reach then? There is no more. The path has come to the very end.

"In total frustration the ecstasy happens. And why do I say in total frustration? Because if you are still hoping that happiness is possible in this world – and when I say this world always remember I don't mean the world of the trees and the birds and the sky, when I say this world I mean your mind, this mind, this ego-centered mind – if you are still hoping that maybe there have been many frustrations, but still there is a lurking hope that some day or other, somewhere in the future, with this mind that you have got, with this ego, happiness is possible, then ecstasy will not happen."
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