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Talk #5 of the Series, Undone Tao

"Language is human; obviously it has to be very limited. It is good for objective things; it is completely useless for the inner, the inside.

"Language can say something, but it cannot say the all. If you are sitting at the dinner table, language is useful for saying Please pass me the salt. It is utilitarian. It has use, but it cannot say the truth, because truth is not a utility, and truth is not something objective. It is not there outside you, it happens somewhere at the deepest core of your being.

"A thing is between you and me: we can decide what we are going to call it – it is a contract. If both the parties are willing, language is perfectly okay. But something has happened within me, it is not something between you and me; I cannot indicate what it is."
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Osho continues:
"Even if I indicate, you cannot see what it is. So no contract is possible.

"Religion is beyond language. At the most, language can say what it is not. It cannot say what truth is, but it can say what it is not. At the most it can be a negation. We cannot say what God is because that will be limiting him through our limited words, concepts; at the most we can say what he is not. And all the scriptures only say what he is not. They eliminate the error, but they never show the truth. But if you can go on eliminating the error, one day suddenly truth is revealed to you. It is not revealed through language, it is revealed through silence.

"So the first thing to be understood very deeply – because it becomes a great pitfall if you don't understand it – is that language can be dangerous, one can be deluded by it.

"You know the word God, but the word God is not God. In the word God there is nothing godly. The word God is absolutely hollow and empty. It has nothing in it. You can go on repeating it millions of times, nothing will happen to you. It is an empty shell, inside it is hollow. Words cannot carry the inner experience.

"It may have been true when a Jesus used the word, it may have meant something to him – but not to those who heard him. This has to be understood.

"If I say samadhi I mean something, I know it. But when you hear the word samadhi it is just a noise in your ears; at the most you can understand the meaning that is given in the dictionary. But a dictionary is not existence. It is not a substitute for existence. Samadhi can be known only when you go in it, when you become it; there is no other way to know it.

"That's why Lao Tzu goes on insisting: Truth cannot be spoken, and that which is spoken cannot be true. But he speaks because this much can be said; this is a negation.

"He says:
He who knows does not speak;
he who speaks does not know.
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

curious… rational… speaking… duality… light… plane… objective… innermost… repetitive… nagarjuna

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