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Conquering the World by Inaction

Talk #3 of the Series, Undone Tao

"What is knowledge? And why are all those who have become awakened deeply against it?

"Knowledge is a device to fight with existence. Knowledge is a tool in the hands of the ego. Knowledge is a conflict: the part is trying to conquer the whole by knowing the secrets of the whole. Knowledge is the basic ego trip.

"Just as money is, power is, knowledge is also – and more dangerous than money, more dangerous than power, because knowledge is more subtle. I must tell you the old biblical story of Adam's expulsion from paradise. That parable has multidimensional meanings. One of the meanings is Lao Tzuan: God created the world, and he told Adam not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge – but why particularly the tree of knowledge? In fact it seems absurd."
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Osho continues:
"Had he prohibited Adam from murder, we could have understood; had he prohibited Adam from moving in sex, then all the world religions would have understood. But God prohibited neither sex nor violence but knowledge. Knowledge seems to be the original sin.

"But why should God prohibit it? Why is knowledge dangerous? Because the very effort to know the secrets is aggression. The deepest aggression. The very effort to unveil mysteries is violence. And the very effort to know means you are getting ready to fight. Otherwise what will you do with knowledge?

"Knowledge is a device of aggression, fight and conflict. The part is trying to rebel; the part is trying to have its own center of being, separate from the whole. The part is trying to become the center of the world itself!

"Not that there is a God who prohibited. Yesterday I told you that God loves stories. Now I must tell you that God himself is part of a beautiful story. God is the most beautiful parable. There is nothing like God anywhere. Don't search for him otherwise you will search for him in vain. You will never come across him. God is a parable – but beautiful! It says many things, and you will miss if you think that God is a person. God is not a person.

"It happened, once I heard a great philosophical dialogue. I was sitting in a rich man's house, in his beautiful drawing-room; he was chattering constantly, but then the phone rang in the other room and he had to leave me. It was good that he left otherwise I would have missed this great dialogue.

"Just by my side there was a big bowl, and two goldfish were swimming in it. The younger one suddenly stopped and asked the other: Do you believe in God? The younger fish looked very philosophic – a seeker. The old one said in a guru-like way: Yes, otherwise who do you suppose changes our water every day? If there is no God who do you suppose changes our water every day?

"All concepts of God are like this – Who do you suppose created the world? Who do you suppose goes on controlling the world, managing the world? Just small minds, small concepts."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

knowledge… meditatively… paradise… satisfaction… repressed… seduce… love… beautiful… darwin… maharishi

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