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It Is Just a Joke

Talk #8 of the Series, Talking Tao

You tell us again and again not to desire enlightenment and yet you also remind us again and again how impoverished and what rubbish our lives are, and tell us how blissful and rich enlightenment is. How can one avoid preferring bliss to rubbish?

"Preference is the greatest problem. If you prefer, you miss. If you prefer bliss to rubbish your concept of bliss is already rubbish. If you don't prefer, if you remain alert and non-preferring, in a deep choiceless awareness, even rubbish itself becomes blissful'. Rubbish and bliss are not two things. If you prefer everything is rubbish. If you don't prefer – everything becomes blissful.

"This world and nirvana are not two things. This world exists because of your choice. If choice disappears, the world disappears."
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Osho continues:
"Suddenly there is enlightenment and nothing else.

"It is just in front of your eyes. Prefer, and you will miss it, because preference means the mind has entered. Choice is mind. When you say: I choose this and I don't choose that, you have already divided the world into two; the duality has entered. Now the non-dual is lost, the one is lost, the unity is no more there. If you don't choose the duality disappears because it is because of your choice; you support it by your choice, that's why it exists. If you don't support it by your choice it has disappeared. Already there is nothing to choose and no one to choose.

"Enlightenment is not something that you have to choose. When there is no choice that which remains is enlightenment.

"I understand your difficulty, because the choice comes again and again. You may even choose not to choose; if I insist that choicelessness is the door you may start choosing it – but then you missed, you could not understand me. Nothing is to be done, just a tacit understanding is needed.

"Just by listening to me, if you understand it, it has already happened. There is nothing else to do.

"Don't ask how. Just try to understand what I am saying: Don't bring the desire in. Let the understanding be clear.

"When you say: This is wrong, you have denied a part of existence as wrong. Now you can never be the whole – and enlightenment belongs to the whole! It is a flowering of the whole. A part cannot be enlightened, only the whole. If you say: This is good and that is bad, and this I choose and that I reject, who is making these rejections, choices? The I, the ego, is dividing existence like a sword, cutting it in two. If you understand it, you don't divide. In a non-divided existence, nothing is lacking. You suddenly start dancing. It has happened.

"'You tell us again and again not to desire enlightenment' – Yes. Because desire is the bondage. The so-called religions have been teaching people to desire enlightenment. They have created much confusion. I am doing nothing, just clearing the whole confusion that has been put into your mind."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

enjoy… rubbish… meeting… sleep… intimacy… imperfection… dangerous… manifestation… mahavira… maharishi

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