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Hard and Soft

Talk #7 of the Series, Talking Tao

"Life is a river, a flow, a continuum, with no beginning and no end. It is not going somewhere, it is always here. It is not going from somewhere to somewhere else, it is always coming from here to here. The only time for life is now, and the only place is here.

"There is no struggle to reach, there is nothing to reach. There is no struggle to conquer, there is nothing to conquer. There is no effort to protect, because there is nothing to be protected from. Only life exists, alone, absolutely alone, beautiful in its aloneness, majestic in its aloneness.

"You can live life in two ways: you can flow with it – then you are also majestic, you have a grace, grace of non-violence, no conflict, no struggle, then you have a beauty, childlike, flower-like, soft, delicate, uncorrupted."
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Osho continues:
"If you flow with life you are religious. That's what religion means to Lao Tzu – or to me.

"Ordinarily religion means a fight with Life – for God. Ordinarily it means: God is the goal, life has to be denied – and fought; life has to be sacrificed and God has to be achieved. This ordinary religion is no religion. This ordinary religion is just part of the ordinary violent aggressive mind.

"There is no God beyond life; life is God. If you deny life you deny God, if you sacrifice life you sacrifice God. In all the sacrifices, only God is sacrificed.

"Gurdjieff used to say – it looks paradoxical but it is true – that all religions are against God.

"If life is God, then to deny, to renounce, to sacrifice, is to go against God.

"But it seems Gurdjieff did not know much about Lao Tzu. Or even if he had known about Lao Tzu he would have said the same thing, because Lao Tzu does not seem to be ordinarily religious. He is more like a poet, a musician, an artist, a creator, rather than like a theologian, a priest, a preacher, philosopher He is so ordinary that you cannot think that he is religious. But really to be religious is to be so extraordinarily ordinary in life that the part is not against the whole, but the part is flowing with the whole.

"To be religious is not to be separate from the flow. To be irreligious is to have your own mind, in an effort to win, to conquer, to reach somewhere. If you have a goal you are irreligious. If you are thinking of the tomorrow you have already missed religion. Religion has no tomorrow to it. That's why Jesus says: Think not of the morrow; look at the lilies in the field, they are blossoming now. Everything that is, is now, everything that is alive is now alive. Now is the only time, the only eternity.

"Two possibilities are there. You can fight with life, you can have your private goals against life – and all goals are private, all goals are personal, you are trying to impose a pattern on life, something of your own; you are trying to drag the life to follow you, and you are just a tiny part, infinitesimal, so small, so atomic, and you are trying to drag the whole universe with you."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life… soft… look… nourishment… poem… present… softness… leibnitz

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