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To Be or Not to Be?

Talk #6 of the Series, Theologica Mystica

What is the difference between being an individual and just being stubborn?

"The difference is immense – it is absolutely unbridgeable. Two things will have to be understood: one is personality and the second is individuality.

"We ordinarily don't have individuality at all. That's what Gurdjieff means when he says it is very rare to find a person who has a soul. He is the first enlightened master who has said it so clearly. Otherwise, Mahavira, Buddha, Krishna, Christ, they have all given the impression at least that everybody has a soul. Everybody has a self but not a soul, and the self is a barrier not a bridge to the soul.

"Personality is your circumference, not your center. The word personality comes from a Latin root persona."
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Osho continues:
"In Greek theater the actors used to wear masks; they would speak through the mask. Sona means sound, persona means sound coming through the mask. You cannot see the real person, you cannot see his original face. You only see a facade, something pseudo, something made-up, invented. The word personality comes from persona.

"When the child is born we start giving him personality – by educating him, by giving him a certain religious attitude, by imparting some philosophy, some political ideology. Slowly slowly, brick by brick, we create a structure around him in which he becomes imprisoned, so much so that he starts feeling identified with the edifice created by others around him. He does not feel imprisoned.

"To feel imprisoned is a great insight, because from that moment one starts making efforts to be free. Whatsoever you are, you are a creation of others. You have been pushed and pulled from all directions, you have been given a certain shape. It is not your originality; it is something imposed, painted. But you have known it from your very beginning. You have known it for so long that you don't remember that you can be anybody else. And you are somebody else – you are not this personality.

"This confusion prevails all over the world. Just a few days ago, Sarjano wrote to me saying, 'Osho, it seems I have a strong individuality and I cannot surrender to the commune. I cannot possibly become part of the commune. I want to cook in my own way.' Now he thinks he has a strong individuality; in fact, he has no individuality at all – not yet.

"When you come to me you come only with a personality, a persona. And my work is an absolutely thankless job because I have to destroy your personality; that is the only way to help you to discover your individuality. The individuality is your original face: it is the way God wanted you to be, it is the way you were made by him. Your individuality has the signature of God on it, but your personality is a social phenomenon. Hence there are Christian personalities, Hindu personalities, Mohammedan personalities, and so on and so forth."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

individuality… personality… egos… truth… sensual… incredible… heart… luther… caesar… desai

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