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The Flame of Your Innermost Being

Talk #9 of the Series, This. This. A Thousand Times This: The Very Essence of Zen

"Zen is existence, not even existential. It has to be understood because in the contemporary world only one new philosophy has come into existence and that is existentialism. Jean-Paul Sartre, Jaspers, Sren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger and many great scholars and intellectuals of the modern world preach existentialism. Zen is not existentialism. It has nothing to do with any 'ism' at all.

"Every 'ism' is a mind game. Existence is not a mind game. In fact, to enter into your own existence, you will have to leave your mind behind.

"Maneesha, this is one of the most beautiful stories.Before he had realized his own enlightenment, Tokusan planned to visit the famous Zen master, Soshin, who lived on a mountain in Ryotan.
When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, Tokusan found a tea house by the roadside, and thought that he might have a snack before climbing the mountain. He ordered it from an old woman at the tea house. 'Snack' in the Chinese language is tenjin – which means literally 'to light up the mind.'
The old woman asked Tokusan, 'What do you have in the box on your shoulders?'
'I have a most valuable sutra called The Diamond Sutra in it,' Tokusan said.
'Is that so!' she said. 'Then I have a question to ask you. If you can answer my question, I will provide you with a snack. If, however, you should fail to give me a satisfactory answer, I am sorry, but you will have to go without a snack.'
Tokusan was a proud and confident scholar. He replied, 'All right. You may ask me any question.'
At this the woman said, 'In the diamond sutra it is written that past mind is unattainable; present mind is unattainable; and future mind is unattainable.' The old woman continued, 'You say that you are going to light up your mind. Which mind, now, are you going to light up?'
Tokusan was not able to answer the old woman's question. He had to admit his inability to give the answer, and at the suggestion of the old woman of the tea house, he was determined to study Zen under Master Ryotan.

Some time later Master Ryotan and Tokusan were spending the evening together.
Ryotan said, 'It is getting dark. You had better return to your place.'
Tokusan said, 'Good night' to the master, and stepped outside. A few moments later, he returned to the master saying, 'It is so dark outside!'
The master lit a candle to give to Tokusan, but just as Tokusan held out his hand and was about to get hold of the candle, Ryotan vehemently blew out the flame.
At this moment Tokusan was awakened and made a bow to the master.

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Osho continues:
"There are many important things to be noted as deeply in you as possible. One is that light does not come from outside. Nobody can give it to you. Ryotan was very kind to make it clear by blowing out the candle.

"Outside is darkness and inside – where light is – you are not. The only way to have light is to enter into your innermost being. Hence it is called enlightenment.

"You have become the candle which nobody can blow out. You have found the fire that is eternal, the very flame of existence.

"You are all flames. It is just a question of seeing within yourselves. And the whole Buddha Hall is full of flames. Just a jungle of flames. Otherwise, outside is darkness.

"This prompts me to make a marginal note: the West has been searching for the light outside, where it is not. The East has been searching the light inside, where it is. But unfortunately, even the East has fallen into the hands of the West. Its whole educational system, its whole mind is no longer of the East.

"Now in the world, there exists only the Western mind: looking outside. It does not matter where you are; it is not a question of geography, it is a question of spirituality. Are you looking in? Then you are at the very source of light. And other than that, no light can help you to dispel the darkness that is surrounding you.

"Ryotan, without saying a word, made his statement and it was understood by Tokusan immediately. The blowing out of the flame was enough for Tokusan to understand that you can only have your own light, nobody can hand it over to you. Either you have it or you don't have it. But nobody can do anything about it – only hints.

"This story is also important in order to understand that an ordinary old woman has as much inner light as the greatest master that may have ever lived.

"An old woman running a tea house at the foothills defeats the great scholar. Tokusan's speciality was The Diamond Sutra. The old woman asked exactly what The Diamond Sutra is based upon."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

male… cleansing… tokusan

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